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I am the author of The Effects of Shamanic Healing and Other Healing Practices on General Well-Being, Poems for Loved Ones, True Ghost Stories, From Heels to Wheels, and Urinalysis, Alkalinity & Well-Being all of which were published through Amazon in 2018.

I am now currently busy writing second editions for publication so do pop back soon to see my progress and Thank You for stopping by.

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Always Walk in Peace

Publishing Soon - IMAGES for Illustration Purposes Only - See Individual Book Pages

Updating the Website

NEW PAGE ADDED If you haven't already noticed, I have been busy these last couple of days updating the website, it has had a general clean up and a couple of additions, notably the 'Poetry by Kenzo' page. I will try and add a knew poem each week (but I can't promise),...

From Heels to Wheels

2nd Edition ON IT'S WAY! I am please to say that I am now in the process of writing a second edition of: From Heels to Wheels - I will let you know once it is complete. I am adding more chapters and I talk more about disability; I hope this edition will be even more...

Poems for Christians

FINISHED! It is great to be able to say that Poems for Christians is now finished; it is now just a waiting game whilst I hopefully hear back from agents / publishers, this can take up to 3 months, that's just the way it is. So once I have some news I will let you...