The Abbey - Home for a Vowed Eremite

Living in The Sanctification of Christ

A Monastic Dies in order to Live, he forgets himself in order to find his Real Self in God, he becomes
ignorant of worldly knowledge in order to attain Real Spiritual Wisdom which is given only to the Humble Ones.

Dr. Kenzo Amariyo PhD. (A.M.) - Befriender of Souls

A Daily Meditation

A Nightly Prayer

A Nightly Prayer Now that the daylight dies away, by all thy grace and love. Thee, Maker of the world, we pray to watch our bed above. Let dreams depart and phantoms fly, the offspring of the night, keep us, like shrines, beneath thine eye, pure in our foe's despite....

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Righteous Garments

Righteous Garments We normally look in the mirror each day to see what we look like, to see how we look to others in the garments we have chosen to wear. But let us not be fooled into thinking that it doesn't matter whether we look into the spiritual mirror or not....

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The Glory of God

The Glory of God And so it was said: The glory of God gives life; those who see God receive life. For this reason God, who cannot be grasped, comprehended or seen, allows himself to be seen, comprehended and grasped by men, that he may give life to those who see and...

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Love and Life

Love and Life The real question is: If your life can be measured by the amount of love you permit in and by the amount of love you permit to flow out; how large or small is your measure? It has been said: Where there is love there is life – The Rt. Rev....

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Wisdom and Virtue

Wisdom and Virtue What would many do if wisdom and virtue were seen as the greatest assets of this life and material things were a sign of poverty? Many I am sure, would discard much of their possessions and seek the greatest assets of this life. We naturally strive...

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Happiness Happiness for many, is like chasing that summer butterfly as you probably did as a child, trying to catch it so that you can further enjoy its beauty. We are no longer that child, running and chasing butterflies in search of happiness. We have evolved into...

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God’s Handwriting

God's Handwriting Sometimes our minds become so full, we can't see solutions for the clouds, we don't seem to be able to see past the fogginess that appears in front of us; we often lose focus and we often feel disorientated and/or discouraged. But if we can settle...

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Our Deepest Fear

Our Deepest Fear Many of us are aware of our fears, the darkness we hold within, we know how it harnesses our life and all that we are; yet......that is not our deepest fear. For it was said that for many....... Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our...

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