Kenzo Amariyo

Spirit & Soul

Poems for Loved Ones

In Remembrance of All Those Who Have Returned Home

Edition: 2nd

Publisher: Austin Macauley

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About the Book: Poems for Loved Ones – is heartfelt poetry aimed at those who are grieving and those remembering. It has been written to help bring comfort to hurting hearts. Poems for Loved Ones looks briefly at death, dying, grief and moving on, this current edition has 50 poems with reference to adults and children.

This book has been very popular at funerals and memorial services and suggests the idea that:

“Like Birth – Death is Just a Change of Worlds on Our Journey to Enlightenment” – Kenzo

Always There

The time has come
To say goodbye,
It’s time to stretch
My wings and fly.

I haven’t left you
All alone,
But now have freedom
So I can roam.

Through space, past stars
The moon to rest,
Feel me resting
Upon your chest.

I’m the little bird
The floating feather,
Always here
Whatever the weather.

So close your eyes
And open your heart,
Feel me within
For we’ll never part.

I Hear the Trumpet

The trumpet is blowing,
The Angels rejoice.
My presence is needed,
My Spirit, My voice.

The Angels are coming,
Their songs fill my ear.
This is my time,
Don’t mourn love, just cheer.

My purpose is done,
My day has drawn nigh.
It now is my turn,
To go home – don’t cry.

The arms of Great Mystery,
Are waiting for me.
Love and tranquillity,
I send to thee.

Fly Little One

Fly little one,
Fly really high.
Don’t look back,
Don’t even sigh.

One minute you’re here,
The next you were gone.
One minute a blessing,
Now just a song.

A song in my heart,
A sweet memory.
We’ll meet once again,
It’ll be real Heavenly.

Daddy Went to Heaven Today

Daddy went to heaven today,
My happiness has gone away.
Who’ll tie my shoes and ruff my hair?
Who’ll carry me up the winding stair?

How could God take him from our home?
Now we’re all sad and all alone.
I know God needed another Saint,
But it’s not ok, it really aint.

Mummy’s crying, her voice is low,
I heard her asking God “Why so?”
I know she’s hurting really bad,
Now we’re all feeling very sad.

But mummy said, “He’s in the sky,
Shining brightly and that’s why,
Because God needed one more light,
To make the night sky much more bright.