Kenzo Amariyo

Spirit & Soul

Urinalysis, Alkalinity & Well-Being

Walking Alongside Cancer

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About the Book: Urinalysis, Alkalinity & Well-Being is Dr. Amariyo’s personal journey Walking Alongside Cancer. The book is her own exploration and study of Urinalysis, Alkalinity and its effect upon well-being. Urinalysis, Alkalinity & Well-Being looks into diet and life-style and the correlation and teachings between our body and the physical universe. She covers Acidosis and Alkalosis and the importance of balance.

This book isn’t based on facts it is based on the author’s findings in relation to her personal circumstances. She believes that we must all search our hearts and find our own way through the web of life with the understanding that what is right for one, may not be right for another.

She says:

“……...this book isn’t specifically about cancer, it is about my journey, it is about our dietary habits and about eating more alkalizing foods in order to raise our pH levels in urine in order to hopefully assist the body to live as much as possible without sickness and disease. In essence the purpose of this book is to help us all find and maintain well-being………Let us also remember that cancer doesn’t appear overnight, it has been said that cancer can take years to manifest in the body, some say 10 years before it will be evidenced in the body, others say 20 years; but if you are predisposed to cancer it is said to require less cells to mutate. So despite a healthy lifestyle, cancer was still trying to manifest in my body. This doesn’t mean that a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit makes no difference because I am sure it does. What I look at is how much worse things could have been had I not kept fit and healthy; for all I know, I may have died years ago had I not kept to a healthy lifestyle! 

Urinalysis, Alkalinity and Well-Being – Walking Alongside Cancer