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A Monastic Dies in order to Live, he forgets himself in order to find his Real Self in God, he becomes
ignorant of worldly knowledge in order to attain Real Spiritual Wisdom which is given only to the Humble Ones.

Dr. Kenzo Amariyo PhD. (A.M.) - Befriender of Souls

Health and Medicine

Lets Talk Supplements (2)

Carbohydrate Cravings   We all know what it is like when we crave a specific food and if you have ever had carbohydrate cravings you know how hard it can be to resist. People who have Hyperinsulinemic Obesity of some sort or another are often said to suffer severe...

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Lets Talk Supplements

Lets Talk Supplements   Many people are for supplements and just as many are against supplements: if you need more vitamins, minerals, protein etc etc you can get them in two ways. You can either change your diet or add them as supplements, and it's as simple as that....

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Glycogen and How it Works

Glycogen and How it Works   Each gram of glycogen is bound to 3-4 grams of water. So when you eat carbohydrates, your liver and muscles take as much glucose as they can, and with that, they also take up to four grams of water with each gram of glycogen, hence the...

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Behind the Headlines: Is salt good for you?

Behind the Headlines: Is salt good for you?   “Salt is safe to eat and cutting our daily intake does nothing to lower the risk of suffering from heart disease,” says the Daily Express. The newspaper goes on to say that the findings are a blow to NICE which has been...

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