Kenzo Amariyo

Spirit & Soul

Poetry by Kenzo

In The Stillness of The Night

In The Stillness of The Night In the stillness of the night, I hear the song of birds. It’s music to my ears, Have you truly heard? They’re singing songs of life, And sharing secrets deep. If you really start to listen, You’ll surely start to weep. They’re...

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Spirit Breathes Me

Spirit Breathes Me Spirit breathes me, And I'm carried by the earth. Seeing Spirits, Since the day of my birth. Feeling really blessed, For what I can see. I know I’m looked after, It’s just Spirit and me. Quiet like a hermit, I live from day to day....

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Darkness Fills My Heart

Darkness Fills My Heart My baby went back home today, My heart is torn in two. I know he’s gone home to the Lord, And there’s nothing I can do. I wouldn’t wish this deep dark pain, To strike another’s heart. But what I’d give to have him back, And to...

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He’s Not A Dream

He's Not A Dream His face is like the moonlight, It brings light to all dark places. His smile sparkles like stars, It brightens up all faces. His lips are ruby red, And taste as sweet as wine. They feel so soft and gentle, As they press themselves on...

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Mine Forever

Mine Forever You make me laugh, You make me cry. You lift me up, My tears you dry. You hold me close, You hold me tight. When things seem bad, You make them right. You are such a blessing, Such a saint. A picture of love, You surely paint. You’re my...

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Your Love Sweeps Me Away

Your Love Sweeps Me Away Oh how your love sweeps me away, Like the breeze in my hair day by day. How you made my heart sing, When you gave me your ring. Oh how your love sweeps me...

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