The Abbey - Home for a Vowed Eremite

Living in The Sanctification of Christ

A Monastic Dies in order to Live, he forgets himself in order to find his Real Self in God, he becomes
ignorant of worldly knowledge in order to attain Real Spiritual Wisdom which is given only to the Humble Ones.

Dr. Kenzo Amariyo PhD. (A.M.) - Befriender of Souls


Sunday 22nd November 2015: Pray Without Ceasing

Pray Without Ceasing   Good Morning; I hope and trust you are all well and celebrating the wonders that happen all the time when we remember to look for them. It is hard to believe that it is only 4 weeks and a few days away until Christmas Day, a huge event for some...

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Sunday 3rd May 2015: When Love Finds You

When Love Finds You   Good Morning; I trust and hope that life or the universe is showering many surprizing gifts upon you all this May weekend. Many will be busy as it is a holiday weekend, others will be continuing on as normal. No matter what you are doing this May...

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Sunday 29th March 2015: A Relationship With God

A Relationship with God   Good Morning; I trust that those of you who are considering planting for this Easter and / or the Earth Day Event are thinking or even preparing for your offerings to Mother Earth. I pray that each and every seed or plant will be blessed and...

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Sunday 4th May 2014 A Matter of Perspective

A Matter of Perspective   Good Morning, I trust you are all well and enjoying life, however, if anyone is in need of prayer, please place your prayer request via the Prayer Request Page – Thank-you. This morning I wanted to talk about perspectives, so often you hear...

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Sunday 27th April 2014 Marriage, Bond or Bind

Marriage, Bond or Bind   Good Morning; This morning I would like to talk about marriage or at-least my version of what I believe marriage should be. Marriage can mean so many different things to different people and I would just like to add, that if you don't have the...

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