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Have You?

Have you seen the beauty of the rising sun?
And then later watched until it was gone.
Have you seen a baby’s very first tears?
And how they like to play with their ears.
Have you heard that quiet voice, that deep inner cry?
That deep inner calling you cannot deny.
Have you seen the magic when a mother gives birth?
And how it enlarges the inhabitants of earth.
Have you felt and experienced deep and true love?
Not just from someone but from far above.
Have you smiled with another? Have you shared their deep pain?
This is life, don’t live it in vain.

Have you sat in silence at 3 in the morning?
Listening to nature, to birds that are calling.
Have you given your last pound to someone in need?
Not because you had to or because they did plead.
Have you talked to a drunk who’s lost in their sorrow?
Crying with regret about lost tomorrows.
Have you given up your seat for an elderly man?
Not because he asked, but just because you can.
Have you ever reached out to the down and out?
Giving all you had and going without.
These are the things that make life worth living.
It’s all about caring, sharing and giving.


From: Love, Loss, Life, Laughter