Kenzo Amariyo

Author & Poet

About Me

Nature Inspires Me and Feeds My Soul


I am a former professional Counsellor and Complimentary Therapist. I hold a PhD. in Alternative Medicine/Complimentary Medicine and a Post. Grad. Adv. Dip. in Psychology to say the least. Many years ago I was blessed with an opportunity to work on International Cruise Liners which took me around the world whilst creating many opportunities for me to speak into others lives.

My spiritual life has taken me through many doorways, and those same doorways have led me up many mountains and through many valleys. Healing has been a major part of my life, I have experienced both sides of the coin having received much healing for myself and having had the opportunity to bring healing to many people.

Over the years my mobility has declined greatly with 2016 bringing the need to use a powered wheelchair. Being disabled has its challenges but I choose to see this time as a blessing. These last few years has seen me draw back and delve much deeper within as I felt that inner calling to be more still and quiet, and from this drawing back has sprung much wisdom and the knowledge that it is now time to write.

The desire to write books has been with me since a young child and I now have the opportunity to fulfil that desire – this is the silver lining of my disability. I hope you enjoy my books and that they bless you, enlarge you and help you along your path.

I believe we all walk the same circle of life, we just stand on different spokes of the wheel and where one is today, I could be tomorrow. With that in mind, I believe the core of humanity rests on Love – Compassion – Forgiveness.


Think – Feel – Create

Always Walk In Peace


A Poetic Version of Me

I’ve travelled the world,
I’ve travelled quite far.
I’ve seen much of life,
I see who you are.

I see what is hidden,
I feel people’s pain.
I try to help,
Again and again.

My purpose is healing,
Whether heart or of soul.
Offering a hand,
When you’re down in a hole.

Disabled myself,
A therapist no more.
But I still embrace life,
It still knocks at my door.

So now all my healing,
Is written in ink.
It’s all in my words,
Please take a drink.

Let all my words,
Heal heartache and pain.
Hold tight to my books,
Read again and again.

For wounds do not always,
Heal overnight.
But I pray sincerely,
They will bring you much light.

No matter where you are,
Know that I care.
Know that I’m holding you,
Sending a prayer.

One day in the future,
When this world has gone.
We’ll meet in the Heavens,
And you’ll say “She’s the one.”

Always Walk in Peace