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Happy New Year

TO YOU ALL: Today I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being here and for purchasing my books. Without you there would be no purpose to this site.

I wish you all a truly wonderful 2021 and I hope it is filled with much blessings, love and light.


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo



MicroPoetry Book Now Available

FINALLY: I am pleased to say that my MicroPoetry book is now finally in print and digital form. It is a collection of over 300 short poems, most of which I have shared on social media. A signed paperback copy can be pre-ordered via the ‘Shop‘ on this website or you can purchase it now via Amazon. A great closing to 2020.


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo



Shop Now Up!

FINALLY: I am pleased to say that after many hours the Shop is now up on the website, I have a little tweaking to do here and there but it is complete and useable. If you do purchase any books over the next few days and come across any issues please let me know so that I can correct them, but I am not expecting any issues. Also be aware that at the moment, I am only selling paperbacks from the website so you if you want the E-Book version you will either have to wait for quite some time or purchase it from Amazon.

I just want to say thank you all so much for your patience and generosity of spirit, you are all such a blessing.


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo

Purchasing from Website on it’s Way!

Updating Website: Just to let you know I am currently updating the website; I am adding a ‘shop’ option so you can purchase from the website instead of just Amazon. So if the website looks a little ‘odd‘ for a few days, or elements are not working correctly or are incomplete – you know why.

Once everything is up and functioning, I will post again. This is an exciting next step ready for 2021.

Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo



UPDATES & MORE: Lots of changes going on, busy tweaking the website and social media sites. Can’t believe the end of the year is drawing nigh! Soon I will be looking at getting a couple more poetry books, (Love, Loss, Life, Laughter & Micro Poetry) up on Amazon. So lots going on. Artisan Crafts is unfortunately having to go. My disability isn’t permitting me to crochet as much as I used to and is causing unnecessary pain and discomfort so I need to work within the confines of my body. The last couple of items for sale can be found on Amazon Handmade.

This is always a good time to say ‘Thank YOU’ for your continued support and it is great to see the monthly visitors around 40,000 – Please continue to share the website. I will post anymore updates as and when they happen.

Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo

Poems for Loved Ones

Proof Read & Edited: I am really pleased to be able to say that Poems for Loved Ones has now been proof read and edited. I now need to go through it and ensure I am happy with any changes the publisher has made, and then it will be onto the next stage of production. It seems to have been a very long road with Covid-19 slowing things down. However, there is now light at the end of the tunnel.

If you visit my FB Page, you will see I have set up an Event‘ in December which is for a Give-Away of 5 signed copies of this book once it has been released. I have limited the number of registrations from FB to 30; so if you want to be in with a chance, pop on over to the page, Like, Follow and Share and ensure you meet the UK address requirements on the event page.

Thank you so much for reading this and for your faithful support.

Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo


I’M ON FACEBOOK! I know some of you will be surprized to hear this but I now have a FB Page; as a hermit, I’m not really into too much social media, but I need my books to receive more exposure so with that in mind, I created a page.

Please Like and Follow me and please share your thoughts and my posts.

As always, I sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo

Kenzo Amariyo on FB


Lots of Work on the Website: These last couple of days has brought much work to the website due to an update from wordpress along with what seems to be an incompatible update from the website theme. All should be sorted now (hopefully – or at least for your end) and hopefully when they both next update there won’t be any more issues to resolve!

I have also been working on the Health and Well-Being section, that section will continue to expand in time so keep popping back to check it out.

My large WIP is progressing and things are moving along at a steady pace.

Artisan Crafts by Kenzo will be having a BIG sale throughout November so don’t forget to check it out in case you want to purchase anything for Christmas. There is only one of each item so when it has gone, it really has gone, probably for ever. I am going to combine Artisan Crafts in the near future into this website like I have the Health section, but for the moment it needs to stay where it is.

The weather is certainly letting us know that summer has gone and autumn has arrived so I hope you are all keeping well and warm. It would be nice to think that by next year COVID-19 will be under control, but I guess that is something we just won’t know until that time comes.

Well that’s it for now, so have a great week and keep enjoying life.


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo

Updates to Health Section

NEW VIDEOS: I am pleased to say I have now added three more video pages:

  • Mantras & Meditation
  • Hypnosis &
  • The Power of the Breath

All videos can be found in the drop down menu on the Holistic Health section of the website. I hope you enjoy them, there will be more added as and when I can.


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo

Kenzo’s quotes

"Birth and death......nothing more than entry points into another dimension."— Kenzo Amariyo



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