Farewell Beloved

Its been a long journey
I gave you all I had
Including my heart
But it never seemed enough
I could never sustain your happiness
And you felt so disappointed
So bitterly disappointed
I tried to tell you that I can’t make you happy
That happiness is something that comes from within
I tried to tell you
But you insisted it was all my fault
It was my fault that you lacked the happiness you so desired.

I have given you my love
My time, my years
I have given you a shoulder to cry on
Arms to lie in for comfort
I have given all I possibly could
And still it wasn’t enough
I was never enough
And now my dearly beloved
You lay once again
Within my arms of love
Waiting your time
Waiting for your last breath

Both relief and sadness fill my heart
No more suffering for either of us
Soon, so very soon
You will breathe your last breath
I will wash your face with my tears
Feel the brokenness of my heart
And you will finally find peace
So rest now my love
In the arms of your creator
That I too may find solace
In amidst the emptiness of my broken soul
Where you spent so many many years.