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Poetry Written Just For You

If you have a special occasion coming up and would like a personalised poem written just for you or someone you care about, I would be delighted to write a special poem that you can keep forever.

I have written poems for people for several years; I have written poems for funerals, memorial bookmarks and even bookmarks for a wedding.

If you would like a special poem, please get in touch via the contact form below.

My Poetry Books:

Poems for Loved Ones
Poems for Christians
Poems of Childhood Pain

Each poetry book contains poems that have not been published in any of the other books.


Always Walk In Peace – Kenzo

Reviews for Personalised Poetry

You shared your poem about mothers with me, I put it in her birthday card and she cried. She really needed to hear how special she was. Poetry can be so healing, it really touched her. She has now gone – in peace – Sarah K. Ball


Dear Kenzo, you wrote a lovely poem for my husbands birthday, it was better than any verse in a card. He still has that card four years later, it is the only one he has ever kept. Thank you so much, it made his card so much more personal and special. You said what I would have liked to have said to him but wouldn’t have been able to put it into words. You truly have a gift – Majorie P


Kenzo, you wrote a lovely poem for us all when my grandmother died. It was actually for bookmarks for her 1yr memorial. They were a big hit, the words were a blessing to us all, they were handed out to everyone who attended the memorial service. We now have a tangible possession which will always keep her in our thoughts. We can’t thank you enough – A. D & Family

Pricing & Other Information

My rates are: £152.00 for the first 8 – 12 lines then £2.90 per line for the next 20 lines and £1.80 per line there after, capped at 50 lines.  Payments will be in (GBP) and full payment is requested upfront and is non-refundable.

The poem will be emailed directly to you so that you can change the font, size and colour should you wish to. When you receive the poem, it becomes your poem to do as you would like.

Some Suggestions for Your Poem:

  • Have it professionally printed as books marks
  • Mount it in a nice frame
  • Post it on your blog
  • Add it to your own collection of favourite poetry
  • Have it professionally lasered onto glass, mirrors or ceramics
  • Have it printed on a favourite photo – there are so many options – be creative.

And most importantly, feel free to change the poem if you feel you want to or if you decide to create your own additional verses.



  • I will not publish your poem on my website or publish it in any of my books without your consent on the order form.
  • The length of poems do vary, some poems have four line stanzas, others have three line stanzas, some have short lines others long.
  • Once payment has been received, IT IS NON REFUNDABLE.

On ordering I will need the following information:

  • Any name that needs to be in it
  • Information about the event, person or special occasion
  • Gender of the person if applicable
  • Your name and email address



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Please tell me the good things about the person, the event or the special occasion.
Saying 'No' will not affect the quality of your poem or your service.
Lines 8-12 £152 - Lines 13-32 Additional £2.90 per Line - Lines 33-50 £1.80 per Line
2 + 2 =

Gone But Not Forgotten

Gone but not forgotten

Carried in my heart

The veil of existence

And time keeps us apart.


But only in our body

Our spirits can still entwine

For love does not separate

In my heart your love will shine.

(Written for Walter D. Greason and family)