Kenzo Amariyo

Author & Poet

Love, Loss, Life, Laughter

An Anthology of Poetry

Edition: 1st

Publisher: Amazon KDP

Available From: Amazon Books

Price Range: £9.99 – £20.99 (Final price to be decided on completion of the book)

E-Book: TBA

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About the Book: Love, Loss, Life, Laughter – An Anthology of Poetry – is sure to have something for all. The book is split into four sections: Love, Loss, Life, Laughter and all the poems have been crafted by Kenzo and have not been published in any other poetry book, they have been specifically written for this publication.

NOTE: The section on Laughter has some lighthearted cheeky and/or rude poems – not everyone’s cup-of-tea! AND the image is for display purposes only, once the final image is decided upon this one will be changed.

The planned release date is for May 2020. Updates will be posted in the Updates section of the website.

More Information Coming Soon!


Have You?

Have you seen the beauty of the rising sun?
And then later watched until it was gone.
Have you seen a baby’s very first tears?
And how they like to play with their ears.
Have you heard that quiet voice, that deep inner cry?
That deep inner calling you cannot deny.
Have you seen the magic when a mother gives birth?
And how it enlarges the inhabitants of earth.
Have you felt and experienced deep and true love?
Not just from someone but from far above.
Have you smiled with another? Have you shared their deep pain?
This is life, don’t live it in vain.

Have you sat in silence at 3 in the morning?
Listening to nature, to birds that are calling.
Have you given your last pound to someone in need?
Not because you had to or because they did plead.
Have you talked to a drunk who’s lost in their sorrow?
Crying with regret about lost tomorrows.
Have you given up your seat for an elderly man?
Not because he asked, but just because you can.
Have you ever reached out to the down and out?
Giving all you had and going without.
These are the things that make life worth living.
It’s all about caring, sharing and giving.



Wake Up, Wake Up

T’was in the early hours of day,
When most are sleeping hours away.
I sat quite still, an owl I heard,
I understood, quite absurd.
He said that much of life goes by,
When sleeping late with heavy eye.
It stops us greeting our dear sun,
Wake up, wake up, everyone.



Darkness Fills My Heart

My baby went back home today,
My heart is torn in two.
I know he’s gone home to the Lord,
And there’s nothing I can do.

I wouldn’t wish this deep dark pain,
To strike another’s heart.
But what I’d give to have him back,
And to never, ever part.

But hopes and dreams remain just that,
So there’s no more point in dreaming.
But I can’t cope with all this pain,
I truly feel like screaming.

I know the Lord, He has a plan,
But why my baby boy?
I’m now just left in tatters,
Sleeping with a toy.

Nothing can mend this canyon,
That I can feel inside.
Nor fix this broken heart of mine,
I truly want to die.

I don’t want food nor water,
I just want my baby boy.
He was my life and love,
He brought me so much joy.

The only hope I have right now,
Is that he’s in good hands.
And that one day not far away,
I’ll follow him to that land.

A land where peace flows freely,
Like a stream from far away.
Where all my pain and sorrows,
Will make room for love to stay.



The Dog Needs The Loo

It’s half past three,
I want a wee,
But mum is still fast sleeping.

I’ve licked her face,
Pulled at her lace,
I’ve even tried some weeping.

I’m sure she’s dead,
She’s not moved her head,
It’s fixed firmly to her pillow.

But I need the loo,
I’ve got gas as you do,
I guess I’ll just let it billow.

I saw blue smoke,
I heard her choke,
Thank goodness she isn’t dead.

With moans and groans,
For clothes she roams,
Now finally she’s out of bed.

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