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Physical health plays an important part of our life. It can be the difference between life and an early death. What we eat has a major impact on our well-being.

Mental Health

Our mind is a powerful tool that can work for us or against us. A healthy mind is a positive mind. We need to be willing to bring into consciousness that which is unconscious.

Spiritual Health

We are more than our physical body, we are also spirit. Try to imagine spirit like the light on the image. When our physical body dies, our spirit can freely move.

Know Yourself

Know Yourself

Edward Edinger:

History and anthropology teach us that human society cannot long survive unless its members are psychologically contained in a central living myth, such myth provides the individual with a reason for being.

How true, in my experience, is that; without being psychologically contained in a central living myth, we fail to find a reason for being. We amble through life finding, or looking for something else so help us feel that inner belonging we so desperately need.

We may think we have found happiness but often it is a poor substitute for real happiness. Often it is a substitute that has come from outside of ourselves. We find a happiness that requires continual feeding, it may be happiness through possessions, work, social life, or even family; and none of these are bad within themselves if kept in right proportion, but none really bring true happiness for if possessions are removed, work ceases, friends move away or family die, we are left with a gaping hole within; with a dread for being, because our happiness was built on finite things and beings as opposed to the infinite.

Religion has always taken a central role in the lives of many, it has always been a psychologically contained living myth providing individuals with a reason for being. But what is a myth?

One dictionary states that a myth is:

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