Kenzo Amariyo

Author & Poet


Edition: 1st

Publisher: Independently Published through Amazon

Available From: Amazon Books

Price Range: £6.99 – £13.99

E-Book: ASIN: B08RS48M4G

Paperback: ISBN-13: 979-8669892890

About the Book: MicroPoetry – A Moment for the Soul is a collection of short poetry.


A Light in the Dark

This book of micro-poetry, is here to ease your day.

A light in the dark, to chase all blues away.

Let the words speak to your heart, to encourage and uplift.

Then gently into dream-time, you will easily drift.

They’re little words of wisdom, to place a smile upon your face.

I hope they truly bless you, and all the human race.


Songs of the Night


Songs of the night

Are the echoes

Of my soul.



My Soul Hears


At the top

Of the mountain

I sit

In silence

Under the watchful eye

Of the moon

Whilst my soul

Connects to the stars

Their words


Their meaning

Only comprehended

By my soul.

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