SPIRITUAL HEALING: A Guide to Getting Started – I am really pleased to say that the Spiritual Healing book has been through its editing phase, I am expecting the cover to be completed this coming week and then it will be available on Amazon as an E-Book. The next stage is to get the paperback printed and that will be sold via my website and via a publishing house.

From the book:

“Spiritual Healing is an ancient art. It is a system of healing that uses energy to bring health and well-being to all levels of the individual. Healing energy can be described as bioelectromagnetic. Bioelectromagnetism is the study of the interaction between biological entities such as humans, and electromagnetic fields such as the one that surrounds our body – our auric field.

Healing energy can be broken down into three types of energy; personal energy generated by the body, also known as Chi or Ki, psychic energy which uses the power of the mind to direct and concentrate energy through thought and lastly, a higher spiritual energy, where you are working with God, the Divine, Spirit directly. Here you are going beyond your own personal power and tapping into the power of the universe……….

I encourage you to purchase it once it is available and thank you in advance for all your support. I will keep you updated and don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter and FB.


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo