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Oh Wind!

Oh wind…….
How long will you bully me?
How long will you stay?
You grab at my hair,
Leave now – I pray.

You toss it around,
Like a boat in a storm.
I try to straighten it,
So I don’t look forlorn.

Ask you to stop,
But you keep battering me.
Don’t you know what you’re doing?
Can you really not see?

And now I chastise you,
You rage even more.
Tears pour like a river,
From high to the floor.

You harass me and now,
With a tear stained face.
You refuse to leave,
To give me some space.

The tears on my face,
Lash me with cold.
They’re your tears, not mine,
Your story’s now told.

So please take your rage,
Your tears and your pain.
And leave me in peace,
To live once again.


From: Love, Loss, Life, Laughter