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Physical Health


Physical Health

Physical health plays an important part of our life. It can be the difference between life and an early death. What we eat has a major impact on our well-being.

Mental Health

Our mind is a powerful tool that can work for us or against us. A healthy mind is a positive mind. We need to be willing to bring into consciousness that which is unconscious.

Spiritual Health

We are more than our physical body, we are also spirit. Try to imagine spirit like the light on the image. When our physical body dies, our spirit can freely move.

We Must Take Action

When our body is out of sync, we must take out the time to find out why. But asking 'why' isn't enough, we have to be willing to hear and act on the information given. A few weeks ago I was shown the spiritual cause of my current mobility issues. I listened and acted...

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Understanding Alt Medicine

The term Alternative Medicine has been misconstrued for years. It can be used as an alternative to mainstream medicine or as a complimentary medicine. But the term itself means: To ALTER-the-NATIVE - to change the root cause of the problem. It is as simple as that,...

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