Kenzo Amariyo

Author & Poet

Poems for Christians

Edition: 1st

Publisher: Independently Published through Amazon

Available From: Amazon Books

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Paperback: ASIN: 1693572001

ISBN-13: 978-1693572005

About the Book: Poems for Christians – is heartfelt poetry aimed at those who believe in Christ, or at least a God. Poems for Christians has been written not just to offer support upon your Christian path, but it is also written to encourage us all to think about how we live our life and Christian walk.

God means many things to many people, and even as Christians we can think very differently to one-another; but know matter what we believe or which church we belong to, one thing that we all share is the choice to change our own life, the choice to change how we think, feel, act and speak. Poems for Christians offers 50 poems of hope, love and compassion with insight for change; it reminds us that:

“We Are All Sanctified By and Through Christ when We Live a Sanctified Life” – Kenzo

Never thought I would like the book because I’m not a Christian in the true sense of the word, however I have to say I found I could still relate to it in my own way. I love that all the poems rhyme, I don’t like poetry that doesn’t rhyme so I would recommend the book. It would make a nice gift. Kelly Peters

Dear Kenzo, I really love your new book, it has been inspiring and will help me on my journey. Some of the poems have helped me with forgiveness, they made me realise it was only me I was hurting, so thanks for that. My daughter has also found them helpful. J.M.

Your latest work was found to be an immersive and illuminating collection of poetry that is surely to resonate with the target religious audience. I am keen to comment on the ambitious scope of the work and I am impressed by your ability to convey such a range of emotions in your writing. Each poem is unique and well written and it is felt the collection will have a place in the market – A.M.

Thank You God

Dear Lord and God,
From Heaven and Earth,
Today I thank you for my birth.

I thank you for my life and love,
The love which flows from you above.

I thank you for your son begotten,
For all my sins now forgotten.

I thank you for life ever-after,
Where we start a brand new chapter.

I thank you for all those who care,
And pray for sinners everywhere.

I pray for those who live with hate,
Please get them through Heaven’s gate.

I pray for those who just seem bad,
When really they are mostly sad.

I pray for all the world you see,
Because you are so good to me.


God I’ve Let You Down

Dear God I’ve gone and let you down,
For this I’m sure they’ll be no crown.
I’ve done the things you hateth most,
I’ve grieved you and the Holy Ghost.

Please help me change the way I am,
I know with you I surely can.
I know you’ll be my strength and power,
You’ll see me through every hour.

I ask again forgiveness please,
I pray sincerely on my knees.
Help me walk your ways so pure,
So I can reach Heaven’s door.

I’m weak, I’m stupid without you,
Lust and greed is what I do.
I need you more and more each day,
Help me please in every way.

I want to make you oh so proud,
So that you shout this from the clouds;
“Hallelujah – he’s come back home,
No longer lost, no need to roam.”

Then proud I’ll feel to be your son,
Knowing you’re the only one.
To set me free and heal my pain,
Until that day we meet again.


Be Your Best

Be the best that you can be,
Don’t get caught up with sin and see.
See how Christ honours your ways,
His love abiding all your days.

Do not sin and say “all’s forgiven,
Christ accepts my sin forbidden.”
Christ just loves me as I am,”
With this mistake you’re surely damned.

Sanctified in Christ we be,
Though not a ticket to sin, you see.
Take responsibility for choices,
Do not listen to the devils voices.

He says: “don’t change, stay as you are,
You’re accepted like a shining star.
Hold un-forgiveness, hate and spite,
God accepts you, He sees your light.

Keep on sinning, don’t change your ways,
There’s plenty of time, plenty of days.
Don’t trim your lamp, or cleanse your heart,
Christ has loved you from the start.”

Whilst true this is upon one level,
Don’t be tricked by the devil.
For Christ expects us all to change,
So we can grow and loose the reins.

For babes in Christ we cannot stay,
An adult we must become one day.
Choose to lose that self so low,
Be assured of where you’ll go.

Be the image and Christ’s reflection,
Going in the right direction.
Then in time you’ll surely be,
Living with Christ – you and me.


I Prayed

I prayed to my dear Lord today,
That He would heal my heart.
I prayed that he would cherish me,
And never let us part.

I prayed that all things good and fine,
Would flow down from above.
I prayed sweet words would leave my lips,
On the wings of a dove.

I prayed that only goodness,
Would reside within my heart.
That this would be the very day,
My Christ-like life would start.

He said “My child don’t worry,
I see your heart and mind.
I hear your prayers daily,
I see you are so kind.

I see your love sweet flowing,
Like honey from a tree.
I know your love is true,
That isn’t hard to see.

Because your heart is pure,
In everything you do.
You can rest assured,
My love will shine through you.”

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