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Kenzo Amariyo

Author & Poet

Poetry by Kenzo

The Anguish of Separation

The Anguish of Separation Separated in bodyBut no in soulUnbearable tensionOnly you can console. I feel like my chestWill split open in twoThe feeling is tremendousWhat about you? Like a thick rubber bandHolding us togetherIt seems we cannotBe parted - ever. For being...

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You Cry for Freedom

You Cry for Freedom You spent so many years Living on your own But then you wanted someone Who you could call your own. You try so very hard To live a couples life But deep inside your heart Your ache is not your wife. Inside you cry for freedom To wander...

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Grow Your Divine Attachment

Grow Your Divine Attachment   Earthly attachments hold us bound in love The only attachment needs to be to the Divine above Who also lives within us each day And shines through us when allowed to stay.   The attachment flows from Heaven to Earth...

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An Ancient Soul

An Ancient Soul I'm sixty next year, "A Senior" they say. That can't be right, It's just another day. I'm an ancient soul, On an eternal time line. So the title 'Senior,' Really isn't mine. Age is a number, We all know that’s true. But what really matters,...

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Oh Wind!

Oh Wind! Oh wind……. How long will you bully me? How long will you stay? You grab at my hair, Leave now – I pray. You toss it around, Like a boat in a storm. I try to straighten it, So I don’t look forlorn. Ask you to stop, But you keep battering me. Don’t...

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My Beloved

My Beloved The sounds of your chatter, Your laughter, your smile. You lit up my life, For a very long while. You touched me so deeply, You pulled at my heart. And now you’re not here, Life’s fallen apart. But for you I will live, Forever and a day. Until...

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Release from Suffering

Release from Suffering No more suffering, And no more pain. I know your life, Won’t be the same. But honey, please, Remember this. I finally have, My heart felt wish. I now can truly, Start to fly. No more heartache, I no longer cry. I feel the wind,...

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Don’t Fool with God

Don’t Fool with God Don’t fool with God, He’s not your brother. He’s not your sister, Significant other. He knows your heart, He sees your sin. You need forgiveness, So let Him in. We’ve all fallen short, We’ve all needed grace. It seems to be, The human...

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Chant Words of Praise

Chant Words of Praise Chant the words of praise each day, Keep the devil far away. Keep your thoughts pure and clean, Then your halo will be seen. Glory, glory Angels voices, Singing praises for your choices. Singing, dancing cheering on, Closer to the...

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