Kenzo Amariyo

Author & Poet

Poetry by Kenzo

CHRISTmas Morning

Christmas Morning 4.30 Christmas Morning, When most are normally sleeping. Little girls and boys, Are quite often found a peeking. Trying not to wake their parents, They excitedly scan the tree. With little screams of joy, As they shout – “for you, for...

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My Christmas Poem

My Christmas Poem No Christmas tree, No Christmas tree, No fairy lights or balls. No gifts to self, no packages, No trips to market stalls. No discontent, no arguments, No tears or loneliness. Much joy and inner peace I have, All without the stress. I join...

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Have You?

Have You? Have you seen the beauty of the rising sun? And then later watched until it was gone. Have you seen a baby’s very first tears? And how they like to play with their ears. Have you heard that quiet voice, that deep inner cry? That deep inner...

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Embrace All Of Life

Embrace All Of Life The sky casts shades of grey upon the blanket earth, Our doubts cast shadows on plans we're about to birth. Worries and pain take away our inner joy, Things seemed so much better as a boy. We often rush to leave our precious childhood,...

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More Than What You See

More Than What You See Clouds slowly danced across the November sky, Splashes of blue painted the picture bright. The wind was sleeping giving all a rest, The rain had stopped, I’m feeling blest. I wandered into the forest deep, Where there I found someone...

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Fires Of Love

Fires Of Love Through the tempest fires of love, I reached great heights, like a dove. I flew beyond all rhyme and reason, Falling in love, a permanent season. When fast in love, no critique found, Feet no longer on the ground. Nothing could he do me...

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Wake Up, Wake Up

Wake Up, Wake Up T'was in the early hours of day, When most are sleeping hours away. I sat quite still, an owl I heard, I understood, quite absurd. He said that much of life goes by, When sleeping late with heavy eye. It stops us greeting our dear sun,...

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The Butterfly

The Butterfly Today I saw a butterfly, With colours bright and bold. It seemed to fly around me, A message - I was told. It said to look inwards, And see how much I've grown. It said to take the time, To look deep, to be bold. I did just as it said, And to...

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In The Stillness of The Night

In The Stillness of The Night In the stillness of the night, I hear the song of birds. It’s music to my ears, Have you truly heard? They’re singing songs of life, And sharing secrets deep. If you really start to listen, You’ll surely start to weep. They’re...

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