Kenzo Amariyo

Spirit & Soul

Micro Poetry

Autumn Scent

Autumn arrives With its own beauty Flashing vibrant colours And releasing strong seductive scents These are gifts that only Autumn can bring. And for these gifts - I give thanks.

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Be Held Up

There are many people in the world that are more than happy to pull you down. Seek those who are more than happy to lift you up. They are the blessings that will cause you to fly. They will be the air that keeps you in flight.   Be held up - Not held back.

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The Power of Silence

If there is only one thing I can share today it is the importance of silence. Not just as an author but also as a regular being. It is whilst in the hands of silence that the deepest ideas can be carried from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind.   Silence...

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Be Not Afraid

Be not afraid to look within At all your hurt and pain Be not afraid to take it hold Whilst tears fall like rain.   Be not afraid to ask for help So healing can soothe your heart Be not afraid to let it go Each day a brand new start.

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I See the Future

The days just seem to come and go Like a river - I gently flow Like a little ant or a busy bee I'm busy creating a future for me.   I see a move - over seas Which makes me feel very pleased To a place of sunshine and not much rain Till the end of my time - there...

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