From Heels to Wheels


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From Heels to Wheels


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From Heels to Wheels – is a little book of inspiration for those struggling with life. From Heels to Wheels is a very short but inspirational piece of work which includes several poems. It is written by one who has gone from a very active life to a very still life. It is written from the heart to encourage those who are down cast with life. It is written by a lady who is now disabled and in a powered wheelchair, one who still manages to smile and be there for others.

Kenzo shares how she has daily choices to make and that it is these choices that help her to overcome the personal loss within her life. In her own words she says:

“It’s not just a short story it’s my life. Making the right choices each day helps me to overcome what could quite easily be an overwhelming sense of loss and insecurity; searching for new meaning in life helps me to re-create my life and find a new purpose.” Kenzo Amariyo

From Heels to Wheels is about the inner struggles many disabled people feel. It is about finding the determination to continue to make the best of life. It is written for the disabled, carers and the general public in hope of bringing fresh awareness into the daily struggles of those around them.



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A very moving true story of how, when life sends you a curved ball you are always in choice of how you receive it and how you choose to move forward. A very honest and compelling journey which touched me deeply. I would highly recommend this short book for anyone who is facing deep challenges within their life as I feel you can find support and encouragement in this book. Susan Marcantonio

If someone had said that at 22 I would have an accident and need a wheelchair i wouldn’t have believed them. But here I am. I feel alot of what you talk about in the book, it helps knowing that someone else understands all the feelings that come with a disability. I hope your book reaches many more people. B. W

Disability means lots of things. Mine is not seen so many people don’t believe me when I say I am disabled. Some think I am pretending which really hurts. Your book reminds me to stay strong, to be thankful for what I do have and to not worry about what others think or say. I have highlighted certain parts which I reread on my bad days. I’m sorry you have lost so much in your life, it can’t be easy. But your loss is helping me so thanks for that. Clive B

Your book has been a great support. I keep it next to my bed and every morning I remind myself to make better choices in my life. Thanks for sharing your pain. I hope you get better. Harold Martin

I was in a very difficult place when I was given your book. I read it expecting to get nothing from it, and to be honest, I read it because I didn’t have anything else to do and it was only a few pages long. Since reading it, I have managed to work on my attitude. I am trying not to be the victim and look at what I do have. Its hard work, but at least I am trying. Things are improving because I am changing the way I look at my disability. I now find other disabled people coming to me because we have something in common. Before, people didn’t bother with me, I was too grouchy and had a huge chip on my shoulder. Thank you for your wisdom and being brave enough to share it. S.S

I was born disabled but it doesn’t make it any easier. I still struggle with emotions, feeling ripped off in life so I really get the book and what you are saying. One thing that stands out and has been helpful is your positive outlook on life. Whether you know it or not, you are an inspiration to me, and probably to many more people. Looking forward to reading your other books. P. A.

Find this really inspiring. A. K


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