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When we consume a raw (and preferably) organic diet, we consume high quality foods that gives us an abundance of enzymes to help keep our body clean and healthy.


When we eat foods that are raw and considered alkaline forming, we nourish our body even further; through urinalysis we can get an idea of which foods are best suited to our body.

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Urinalysis, Alkalinity & Well-Being is my personal journey walking alongside cancer. I say along side cancer because I have over the years been able to side step it.

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Know Your Food

Welcome to High Vibrational Eating


In 2012 I was directed to eat a High Vibrational Diet which is about eating raw food in its highest state of vibration, but we aren’t talking about The Raw Diet which is slightly different again.

So what is the High Vibrational Diet? or High Vibrational Eating? Let us take a look.

About High Vibrational Eating


“Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine and Thy Medicine be Thy Food” – Hippocrates



Always discuss changing your diet with your doctor or health care professional and ask them to monitor you and NEVER make the decision to come off your medication without talking to your doctor first.

HVE is a natural method of eating, one that our ancestors may have followed and certainly one that I believe is reflected in the book of Genesis in the Bible where God was said to give us herbs and fruits to eat. HVE is said to activate the body’s natural ability to heal itself through (preferably) organic, vegan foods that are consumed in their raw state if they are safe to consume in their raw state.

HVE avoids added sugars, salt, animal proteins, artificial additives, colourings, flavourings and processed foods. I say organic simply because they lack (hopefully) the chemical sprays that non-organic foods have been sprayed with. However, organic foods are more expensive, so if you cannot afford them, simply wash your foods thoroughly, perhaps peel what you can to remove the contaminated parts; and although this may not be perfect, it is far better than not following the HVE method at all if that is what your body requires.

HVE takes a holistic approach to our body, working on a physical, mental, emotional AND spiritual level whilst activating our body’s immune system and cleansing toxic wastes naturally. You will find that whilst on HV foods, your body will naturally cleanse itself without strain and without any need for laxatives or colon cleansers.

HVE is NOT about curing ailments, (but that is sometimes a side-effect); it does not proclaim to cure or heal, its focus is about bringing a natural balance in body, mind and spirit where all parts of our being returns to a natural state, a balanced state, that in itself can bring health and wholeness.

HVE may assist many degenerative diseases as many degenerative diseases are said to be due to toxicity and nutritional deficiency.

HVE is designed to offer a simple approach to food and eating, offering a much higher amount of enzymes, minerals and other nutrients which not only feed and stimulate the body which can then break down disease more easily, but also feed the mind and raise our rate of vibration which is important for our spiritual walk.

The cleaner our body becomes, the easier it will be for our body to resist infection and deal with disease. Daily we subject our body to pollutants, some of which are carcinogens; the HVE method is naturally an intensive detoxification regime, eliminating toxins naturally so that the body can start to repair itself.

HVE is not an overnight cure! We have spent many years creating a toxic body and although the detoxification process will start straight away, it may take many months to fully detox and have a fully regenerated body, but this does not mean that you will not see some instant results, most people do. Some of the results that some people have found are:

  • An increase in energy
  • An increased alertness and clarity of thoughts
  • Weight loss
  • An increase in fitness and muscular strength
  • Loss of fluid retention
  • Regular bowel movements leading to decreased constipation
  • The need for less sleep and improved sleep
  • Loss of flatulence and other digestive upsets including reflux and bloating
  • Less headaches including decreased severity of migraines
  • Less mucus production
  • More balanced moods
  • Improved skin tone
  • Reduced pain associated with Arthritis and/or Rheumatism
  • Easier menses
  • Less irritation and frustration
  • Cleansing of toxins giving your body a deep purge
  • Less acidic and more alkaline urine
  • A raising of vibration based on their increased inner connectedness – with more intuitive thoughts and feelings
  • Increased confidence and a deep sense of achievement

These are just some of the results you may experience, we are all different and our bodies will respond differently in different time scales. If you want to try this way of eating, the thing to remember is to allow your body to respond to the changes without placing un-realistic expectations on it. For me, one of the major changes (other than weight loss) was found in my knee. I had had a knee condition for over 30 years which was more prominent during wet weather, during my first month, the problem disappeared, I cannot even tell you when the problem went; it just vanished and never returned. HVE regenerates the body, restoring it back to optimal health by feeding it the nutrients that it needs, not the foods we necessarily desire! There is quite often a huge difference between what we want and what we need. Our wants encourage us to live to eat, our needs encourage us to eat to live.

If you are led to go on the HVD, you will not be eating cooked or processed foods, it is a sacrifice and especially in today’s world of food where gluttony, over-sized portions and foods saturated with either fats or sugars are the norm. But I would say, the norm for a guaranteed dysfunctional body!

When we eat for pleasure, we require so much more self-discipline to change our eating habits. So if you don’t eat to live, you may need to look at your relationship with food and what purpose it serves for you other than to keep you healthy. For many, food is a comfort, it gives us what we think we are lacking in other areas of our lives.

The HVD is made up of salads, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, all of which are fresh and raw; you can juice them or eat them. You are not limited to how much you eat, but you do need to ensure you are not sticking with one type of food i.e. nuts or fruit; we do need balance. It is from eating a variety of HV foods that you will take in the necessary enzymes, minerals that you need to maintain a healthy body.

So in a nutshell: HVE consists of eating raw salads, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds – if you can’t eat it raw, don’t eat it whilst on this diet. HVE means:

  • Nothing cooked or steamed
  • Nothing processed so no oils, butters, cheese, spreads, meat products, fish products etc.
  • Organic if you can
  • Raw nuts and seeds, which means no salted or honey coated nuts; nuts straight from the shells are even better.
  • Fresh lemon juice for dressing, no salad cream, mayonnaise, dressings, oils, vinegar etc.
  • Fruit – Fresh fruit. No dried fruit (unless it has been sun-dried without oil or other additives).


  • Black Coffee – no milk or sugar or substitutes, if you can go without the coffee, great and no more than 3 cups per day
  • Herbal Tea/Black Tea – The same as for coffee, nothing added, not even honey and no more than 3 cups per day. Green Tea is much better.
  • Other Drinks: Water – Where possible drink spring water or at least filtered water, ideally spring water from the source is good if it is naturally clean.
  • Alcohol – NONE!


So What CAN We Eat?   

High Vibrational Food


“The First Wealth is Health” – Ralph Waldo Emerson





High Vibrational Foods (This is not an exhaustive list)

Raw Salads and Vegetables Fresh Fruit Raw Nuts and Seeds + Other Things
Lettuce Lemons Almonds
Spinach Apples Cashews
Rocket Bananas Macadamia
Watercress Oranges Walnuts
Seaweed (Naturally Dried Kelp) Grapes Hazelnuts
Cucumber Avocados Pine Nuts
Radishes Blueberries Peanuts
Beetroot Blackberries Brazil
Tomatoes Raspberries Chestnut
Onion Red Currants Pecans
Sweet Peppers Black Currants Pistachio
Cauliflower Mangoes Flax Seeds
Courgettes Pineapples Chia Seeds
Broccoli Melons Hemp Seeds
Asparagus Star Fruit Sunflower Seeds
Celery Fresh Dates Pumpkin Seeds
Garlic Strawberries Sesame Seeds
Carrots Peaches Fresh Coconut & Coconut Water
Cabbage Nectarines Naturally Dried Coconut
Kale Mandarins Naturally Obtained Coconut Cream
Bok Choy Papaya Honey – Naturally Obtained from Hive
Sweetcorn Pear Freshly Made Peanut Butter
Peas Kiwi
Sprouted Gains Passion fruit & Dragon fruit Herbs/Spices – Those that do not need cooking


Basically, if it is edible and safe in its raw state and of good quality, it belongs on this list.

A selection of the above washed, chopped and mixed gives you an appetising meal. Simply squeeze some lemon juice over it sprinkle a few nuts or seeds to garnish and you will be surprised how nice it looks and tastes. The lemon juice is an excellent cleanser for the body and acts as an anti-bacterial. I sometimes blend avocados, coconut milk and the juice of a lemon together to use as an acceptable dressing, so be brave and experiment.

Some people really don’t want to be so strict and that is up to you, but it make take longer to get the desired results and depending on what you are eating that isn’t HVF, you may miss out on some of the benefits. Some people choose to replace one or two meals a day with the HVD and have a small ‘whatever I want’ meal. You have to find what is right for you. I was instructed to follow it completely which I did.

Going out to eat, whether at a restaurant or someone’s home can be very difficult as there is seldom anything that I would call HVF so in that situation I will eat the best of what is available. Informing the people who are going to feed you that you only eat HVF tends to cause them unnecessary stress, which isn’t fair on them. Even just telling them all you want is salad can make them uneasy.

Medium Vibrational Food


“It is Easier to Change a Man’s Religion than it is to Change His Diet” – Margaret Mead





Medium Vibrational Foods (This is not an exhaustive list)

Salad/Veg & Fruit Drinks Nuts and Seeds
Badly Bruised: Fruit, Salad &Vegetables Bottled (Flat) Spring Water in Glass (Because it isn’t straight from the source) Nuts with Oil or other coatings
Old Fruit, Salad & Vegetables Bottled Pure Juice in Glass (Because it isn’t freshly squeezed) Old soft nuts
Herbs & Spices (That require cooking) Unbleached Herbal or Green Teabags made with boiled tap water


This is a somewhat ambiguous group, but it allows you to see where things are going. It simply reflects that the foods are not quite in the high group but not in the low group either.

Low Vibrational Food


“To Keep the Body in Good Health is a Duty, Otherwise we will Not be Able to Keep Our Minds Strong and Clear” – Buddha







Low Vibrational Foods (Best avoided on this way of eating)

Cooked or Dried Fruit Boiled Spring Water (The heat has lowered the vibration) Cooked Nuts
Dried Fruit with Additives & Preservatives Tap Water (Treated with chemicals) Roasted Nuts
Cooked Vegetables Bottled Sparkling Water in Plastic Salted Nuts
Vegetables in Brine or Oil Pure Juice with Additives and Preservatives Honey Coated Nuts
Cooked Salad Foods: Tomatoes/Onions/Lettuce /Celery etc. Pasteurized Milk Nuts with Additives or Preservatives
Salad Foods in Brine or Oil Dried Milk

Other Dried Foods

Processed Nuts (Commercial peanut butter)
Green or Herbal Tea Bags with Additives, Preservatives, Flavouring, Colouring Long Life Milk Cooked Coconut
Green or Herbal Tea made with Boiled Water (Tea should be brewed naturally in a glass jar in the sun) Milk with Additives and Preservatives Commercial Processed Coconut including Water and Cream
Black Tea (Unless for medicinal use) Soya Milk Commercially Dried Coconut
Black Coffee (Unless for medicinal use) Cream Coconut with Additives or Preservatives
Cooked Rice / Pasta Butter Oils
Pulses / Grains Cheese Stock
Flour Sugar Salt
Bread Processed Honey Commercial Sauces
Deserts Artificial Sweeteners Fizzy Drinks
Biscuits / Cakes Ice-Cream Drinks with Additives
Prawns Mouse Alcohol
Fish Jellies Pasties / Sausage Rolls
Chicken / Turkey Cornets Pies
Pork/ Pork Scratching’s Wafers Salad Creams
Beef Sweets Mayonnaise
Duck Chocolate
Snails Crisps
Eggs Popcorn
All Meat and Meat Products Sweet or Savoury Spreads


Basically, all processed and cooked foods are considered low to non-vibrational and therefore, whilst on the HVD are best avoided. However, we do require a level of common sense here too. In Arizona I could brew my herbal tea in the sun, so I didn’t need to heat the water, here in the UK there isn’t that amount of sun so we do have to heat the water if we want a hot cuppa and it’s as simple as that.

We have to remember that this is ideally the best way, but we don’t all live in an ideal world so sometimes we do have to adapt things.  You may not be interested in the HV way of living or you may just want to incorporate some of the HV foods into your current daily diet. This is not a rule book, it is just a snippet of what I have been shown whilst on my own personal spiritual journey, this simply reflects what has worked for me.

This way of eating is NOT suited to everyone. It is very strict and very limiting and was suggested to me primarily for spiritual reasons and as part of my journey alongside cancer. However, I have found it to be very good for me personally, but you are not me! So don’t just jump on the bandwagon, meditate/pray about it and adjust what you feel you should adjust. Some people use it with the 80/20 rule meaning 80% of their dietary intake is HV and the other 20% is MV; others go for 50/50 with 50 being everyday foods from the LV group. The thing to remember is that small incremental changes are often longer lasting and small changes are always better than no changes.

Always discuss changing your diet with your doctor or health care professional and ask them to monitor you and NEVER make the decision to come off your medication without talking to your doctor first.

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