Kenzo Amariyo

Spirit & Soul

Social Media Verses by Kenzo

Take Heart

The rain falls gently Like the tears of angels Weeping for the lost souls of past.   The flowers bow their heads Bearing the weight of those tears Wondering how long it will last.   But like all things Tears come and go And never does a sad day stay.   So if your day...

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What Happens If?

The world keeps moving, spinning around We're oft' unaware as it makes no sound Earth revolves despite how we feel It holds us safe, quite surreal.   We take it for granted each and every day Never stopping to think: "What made it this way?" We naturally look down if...

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Enter Into Solitude

When we are brave enough to enter into solitude We silence our mouths, not our heart We silence the flurry of thoughts Whilst listening intently To the river of life As it flows freely Into our being Enveloping Our soul In...

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Life.............what is it? If it isn't our own canvas With which we create Our own...

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Share Your Pain

Your pain and suffering Is not meant to be hidden Beneath shame and guilt.   It is meant to be shared That others can grow And learn how to...

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