Kenzo Amariyo

Spirit & Soul

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Bleed Your Heart

Let your heart bleed like a river Running over white sand So as it dries What was bound is set free So that others may read and be...

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Mind What You Serve

Do not be found boasting about your fasting and other spiritual practices. Without love and compassion Talking about your fasting and other spiritual practices Is like serving the hungry an empty...

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Be Not Afraid

Be not afraid of what others may do to you Be afraid of what you constantly do to yourself We are often our own worst...

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Fulfil Your Soul

Let thy soul Fulfil its deepest desire To be righteous and heavenly So that it's self-made music of love Would be heard by all who have ears to...

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The Cycle of Life

The waves are gently lapping against the sand The sun is setting on another day Much has been accomplished Each day, I move closer to my goal But never actually reach it Because for every milestone I reach I am then able to see another one further...

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Silence fills my soul Peace washes over me Like gentle rain over the trees Bringing a new awakening.

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The River of Life

I quietly observe the constant changes of what is and was As the river of life washes over all things Reshaping, smoothing, moulding.   I flow willingly with my dear friend - Change And I am eternally blessed to see a greater version Of that which I had already...

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