Kenzo Amariyo

Spirit & Soul

Micro Poetry by Kenzo

The Inner Poet

There is a poet within all of us It resides in the deepest corners of our soul Sometimes the poem comes from peace Other times - from not being whole.   Sit quietly and restful Lay all distractions aside And on the wings of rhythm Your poet will learn to...

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Night Gives Way to Light

The rain falls heavy upon the window pane As the darkness of night gives way to light With it comes a new day. It's dark and wet outside But inside The sun still shines.

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Life’s Colours & Hues Shift & Meld

The evenings are already drawing in Reminding me that the summer equinox has passed And as with all things Change IS on the horizon.   Whether we like it or not The seasons of life will continue to move Life's colours and hues will shift and meld Some in our...

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Give People Space

We have all now been shown The need for sacred space We've had to keep our distance From all the human race.   To keep around six foot away We all have had to yield Far enough away To respect their Auric Field.   ~Give People Space~

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Take Heart

The rain falls gently Like the tears of angels Weeping for the lost souls of past.   The flowers bow their heads Bearing the weight of those tears Wondering how long it will last.   But like all things Tears come and go And never does a sad day stay.   So if your day...

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What Happens If?

The world keeps moving, spinning around We're oft' unaware as it makes no sound Earth revolves despite how we feel It holds us safe, quite surreal.   We take it for granted each and every day Never stopping to think: "What made it this way?" We naturally look down if...

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Enter Into Solitude

When we are brave enough to enter into solitude We silence our mouths, not our heart We silence the flurry of thoughts Whilst listening intently To the river of life As it flows freely Into our being Enveloping Our soul In...

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Wander the Desert

Wander the desert of your heart For within solitude we find much wisdom And from such wisdom Fruit will grow Watered by the souls spring.

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