Kenzo Amariyo

Author & Poet

The Effects of Shamanic Healing

And Other Healing Practices On General Well-Being

Edition: 2nd

Publisher: TBA

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ISBN-13: 978-1977084415

About the Book: The Effects of Shamanic Healing & Other Healing Practices on General Well-Being – aims to explore the relationship between spirit and matter, but to explain it in relation to shamanic healing and other alternative medicines, which will in turn help us to understand the effects of shamanic healing and other alternative medicines on general well-being.

We will look in detail at the various techniques that together create a core shamanic experience, which can be used as a standalone therapy or with other therapies, be they of allopathic nature or otherwise. The work and ideas of today’s native and non-native shamans will be examined, along with altered states of consciousness, working with spirits, and the role of sound, the pyschopomp, compassion and the concept of living in harmony with nature and each other.

The origins of alternative medicine will be explored, as well as the various alternative medicines and therapies that are widely practiced today, their role in place of and alongside orthodox medicine, and how they can be used in tandem with shamanic healing for greater effect. We will examine the pros and cons of alternative medicine and orthodox medicine in a modern world, how there is a time and place for both schools of medicine, and how both can be used together to provide healing on the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level.

This is an in-depth book about many aspects of Shamanism and what it means to live a more shamanic way of life. The book is well researched and referenced to assist the reader in being able to explore through the references many aspects that are discussed; this allows them to explore areas of work that ignights there interest and passion. The book is full of empowering stories and in-depth case studies which brings the work alive and allows the reader an intimate glimpse into the effects shamanic healing can have on a client. A fascinating book that allows the reader to explore through the different chapters the many aspects of shamanism and alternative therapies and how they may blend together. Susan Marcantonio

Very in-depth book. I use shamanic healing in my practice, I am quite new to it but this book has helped me to get a better understanding of myself and the spirit world. It is helping me to tune in better and be a better healer. It has helped me to be and stay grounded and in tune with my intuition. I used to be really scared of following my intuition because I was always worried it may be wrong, reading this book has given me the confidence I need to go deeper and become a better healer. Thanks Kenzo. Pauline D

I met Kenzo when I needed healing. I was carrying around so many bags from the past. I was hurting and felt very lost and isolated. The healing is on going but the book helps me to look differently at my life and face up to the things I can change. The book has been a real eye opener for me. I hope it helps others as much as it has helped me.  E. L

Oh wow – this is a really good book if you like the healing field. Very deep, sometimes too deep (for me) it has forced me to really look within and look at what I am doing with my life. It has challenged me to face up to a few demons from my past. Its not easy but I know it will be better for me. So excellent book, I need to read it again and really get my head around it. Recommend it. P. P. C


The hypothesis is that shamanic healing and other healing practices can and does effect general well-being when practiced by a proficient shaman or practitioner, and when the client takes an active part in their own healing.

Shamanic healing has been around for hundreds of years. Many native cultures still rely today on shamanism in one form or another, and the same goes for alternative medicine. In the modern Western world, however, there is very little understanding regarding shamanic healing and alternative medicine.

I strongly believe that there is a place in our lives for both alternative medicine and orthodox medicine, and that research needs to be undertaken to find a way to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, alternative and orthodox medicine. In this book I hope to demonstrate how both are simply opposite sides of the same coin, not only of equal importance but how they can each work side-by-side in synergy. Although modern society tends to favour one way over the other, if we look constructively we will see that both forms of medicine are required for general well-being, and that they can both work together if permitted to do so.

It is equally important that we look deeper into our own being, and nurture our spiritual wellness as well as our physical, psychological and emotional wellness. C.G. Jung in Collective Consciousness and Dr Ernest Holmes in Divine Unlimited Potential both bid us to look deeper into ourselves and examine our connectedness to the universe. Caroline Myss in Anatomy of the Spirit and Alberto Villoldo in Healer, Shaman, Sage also bid us to explore our inner workings and the spiritual side of life. Reading such literature with open minds will allow us to embrace those deeper aspects of ourselves and begin to nurture the spiritual side of our being.

Through this book I also aim to show that no matter the condition, help is at hand and that through shamanic healing and other alternative therapies, we can all tap into something that is far greater than ourselves. As a shaman/shamanic healer with decades of healing work, I will present my own experiences and findings in the form of case studies, to demonstrate the efficacy of shamanic healing and other alternative therapies on a myriad of physical, psychological and emotional hurts.

How we live our lives is imperative to our health, how we live and learn throughout our lives is imperative to our success as a healer, shaman or therapist. We must remember that inside us all is that same intrinsic spark of creation and it is by igniting this same spark that the fires of change and illumination are free to blaze.

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