Kenzo Amariyo

Spirit & Soul

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Spirit Shines on Me

Today my need is silence, stillness, quiet thoughts And all the beauty on offer that simply cannot be bought The beauty in the flowers the beauty in the trees The beauty in life itself which always aims to please. So today I will be lost and revelling in a pleasant...

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Protect Your Awakening

There will come a time When all things seem to have returned to normal The temptation for many Will be to go straight back to how it was before.   Covid-19 taught many a new way of living A new way of being Protect that learning, that awakening Like a lion protects...

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Fear or Courage

We cannot stand with one foot in both camps for long Sooner or later we have to make a choice Stay in the familiar Or step out into uncharted ground.   Fear holds you back, courage carries you...

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In the Stillness

In the stillness of time We become All that we truly are.   We learn self love Self acceptance, self worth And we discover our spiritual roots.   Like a caterpillar to a butterfly We learn to die to self So that we may live...

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Silence Is

Silence Is the precursor to hearing Hearing is the precursor to doing Doing is the precursor to transformation Transformation into our full potential is why we are...

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Following Life

Life......... It leads us along unknown paths It urges us to tread on meadows and rough plains We tentatively follow its lead Not sure of where it will take us But trusting in experience and the knowledge That it always leads to...

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Speak it into Existence

The bible teaches us in Genesis That the world was first envisioned Felt and desired Then spoken into existence.   We too must envision, feel, desire And then speak out the world we want to...

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