Kenzo Amariyo

Spirit & Soul

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Dream It

Dream........... And when you dream Dream so big you can't imagine it possible.   Then pick up your courage And dive straight into the dreamy lake of possibilities Where dreams become your...

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Who Is Family?

Your family may live with you They may be scattered around the world They may or may not be blood relatives   Family - The people who accept you and support...

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Make Each Moment Count

In the presence of the Divine I am reminded of my purpose The reason for my being I am reminded of how short this life really is. And that at the blink of an eye Any of us could be called back home Make everyday count Let each moment be a reflection of your...

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An Island

Today...... I remain an island Distant and free Boats are welcome to moor People are welcome to step ashore But I remain in the stillness of my heart Mindful of self and others But still. Let the silence of your heart renew your mind and...

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