General Update: As many of you know, the Love, Loss, Life, Laughter poetry book has been sent off to a publisher, so that is now just a waiting game, I also need to send it to other publishers too, all this takes so much time and work. If I can’t find someone to publish the book this year, I will probably self-publish.

I have now collected my micro-poetry together and I am currently turning that into a book which will probably be published through Amazon KDP shortly. I am using all the micro-poetry from the website (which originated from Twitter) but I will be expanding it by around 60 micro-poems which will NOT be shared on Twitter or the website.

So…………all things are up in the air at the moment and we just need to see where things land. Once these two books are reasonably sorted, I can then focus on the bigger project, re-writing the shamanic book, whilst combining it with a couple of other books.

As always, much is happening. I haven’t been on Twitter much recently as I have been too busy sorting out the poetry books and also crocheting for Artisan Crafts by Kenzo. If you are on Twitter, please feel free to follow me. I have added my Twitter accounts to the home page for now so that people can easily find me and I will also be adding a ‘sign up for a newsletter’ link to the homepage. The newsletter will only be quarterly at the moment and will contain some additional poetry that won’t be shared on other sites. So do keep an eye out for that and please do consider signing up for it.

I hope you are all holding up well and keeping yourselves well and safe.

That’s about it for now, do keep popping back and sharing the websites, it is a wonderful way to bless me.


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo