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Lots of Work on the Website: These last couple of days has brought much work to the website due to an update from wordpress along with what seems to be an incompatible update from the website theme. All should be sorted now (hopefully – or at least for your end) and hopefully when they both next update there won’t be any more issues to resolve!

I have also been working on the Health and Well-Being section, that section will continue to expand in time so keep popping back to check it out.

My large WIP is progressing and things are moving along at a steady pace.

Artisan Crafts by Kenzo will be having a BIG sale throughout November so don’t forget to check it out in case you want to purchase anything for Christmas. There is only one of each item so when it has gone, it really has gone, probably for ever. I am going to combine Artisan Crafts in the near future into this website like I have the Health section, but for the moment it needs to stay where it is.

The weather is certainly letting us know that summer has gone and autumn has arrived so I hope you are all keeping well and warm. It would be nice to think that by next year COVID-19 will be under control, but I guess that is something we just won’t know until that time comes.

Well that’s it for now, so have a great week and keep enjoying life.


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo