UPDATES & MORE: Lots of changes going on, busy tweaking the website and social media sites. Can’t believe the end of the year is drawing nigh! Soon I will be looking at getting a couple more poetry books, (Love, Loss, Life, Laughter & Micro Poetry) up on Amazon. So lots going on. Artisan Crafts is unfortunately having to go. My disability isn’t permitting me to crochet as much as I used to and is causing unnecessary pain and discomfort so I need to work within the confines of my body. The last couple of items for sale can be found on Amazon Handmade.

This is always a good time to say ‘Thank YOU’ for your continued support and it is great to see the monthly visitors around 40,000 – Please continue to share the website. I will post anymore updates as and when they happen.

Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo