Cleaning Up the Website: Just so that you know, it is time to clean up and some-what expand the website. The Holistic Health page is now in the smaller secondary navigation bar at the top of the page. Not because it isn’t significant but because I wanted more of a break between the Author aspect and the Alternative medicine aspect as they are virtually two different websites. I am currently busy adding new posts today so I hope you enjoy them.

The Twitter for Artisan Crafts and Holistic Health will now remain some-what dormant, I am keeping them ‘active‘ to draw more people to the website. All new posts will be posted here on this website. The Kenzo Amariyo twitter account will remain in use.

I hope that makes sense, and do please sign up for the quarterly newsletter (if you haven’t already) on the home page where you will receive updates and information that will not be on the website.

That’s it for now, keep safe and keep enjoying life.


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo