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CATCH UP: It has been a week since I last posted here. I haven’t forgotten you all, I have been busy reading, writing and looking ahead. It is only 66 days now before I hope to publish Love, Loss, Life, Laughter. As I have said in the past, I need to decide whether to publish the book as a whole, or whether to publish each section as a book, making it a four part series. The average poetry book has around 50 poems, so I am edging towards four individual books of that length. What do you think? Use the contact page to let me know.

On top of this, Poems for Loved Ones is due out any time from May so that will be exiciting, it is being published with a publishing house so much going on there.

Twitter is doing well, so please follow me if you are on twitter.

I am also looking at publishing a micropoetry book, much of the Twitter poetry will go in that so there is much going on at the moment and of course, like previously mentioned, The Effects of Shamanic Healing should be re-released this year. I am hoping to have that one published with a publishing house, so it is important that I also spend time submitting poetry or articles into magazines etc to widen my followers, so another reason to follow me on Twitter.

Looking further ahead and probably not this year, I am looking at writing books or chapbooks on alternative or complimentary medicine, not the therapies themselves, but how we can use them in our lives to help our current conditions. I want to write on Diabetes and High Blood Pressure to mention just two.

So…….I AM busy, but you are always on my mind. Without you all, there would be no purpose for the website.

Have a great week,

Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo