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I am the author of Spiritual Healing, Poems for Loved Ones, Micro Poetry, Poems of Childhood Pain, Poems for Christians, Urinalysis Alkalinity & Well-Being, From Heels to Wheels, True Ghost Stories & The Effects of Shamanic Healing.

I have loved reading and writing for as long as I can remember and I am now blessed with enough time to feed that passion. Currently, I am revamping books with new covers so the new paperbacks should be available shortly.

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Always Walk in Peace

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Stay Afloat


LOTS GOING ON AT THE MOMENT: This is a busy time for me, as you may have noticed I have been changing book covers, and updating the websites. True Ghost Stories now has a new cover, it is available via Amazon as an E-Book. I am working on all of my books, sorting...

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Spiritual Healing

IT'S OUT - Really pleased to say that 'Spiritual Healing - A Guide to Getting Started' is now out as an E-Book and available through Amazon. The paper book should be available later this month through this website and Tenshi Publishing. Many thanks in advance for all...

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Spiritual Healing

PLEASED TO SAY: This is potentially the cover for my new book 'Spiritual Healing - A Guide to Getting Started' so keep an eye out for it. It will be available on Amazon as an E-Book and from the website and a publisher as a paperback. I am very busy at the moment,...

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