Poems of Childhood Pain


Edition: 2nd

Publisher: Tenshi Publishing

Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-7397129-0-7

E-Book ISBN-13: 978-1-7397129-1-4

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Poems of Childhood Pain

The Effect of Sexual Abuse on Children

Poems of Childhood Pain: The Effect of Sexual Abuse on Children is a small book with a huge message, and I dedicate this book to all the clients I have counselled for sexual abuse.

Research suggests that 1 in 20 children have been sexually abused in the UK alone. The result of such abuse is devastating, with many never recovering fully, leaving them with deep psychological and emotional trauma which can lead to a diminished quality of life. Research also shows that 90% of child sexual abuse is committed by men, to children that they already know, with most perpetrators being family members. Although both girls and boys can be victims of sexual abuse, girls tend to be at a higher risk than boys.

Sexual abuse often involves penetration or oral-genital stimulation. The psychological and emotional effect of this can have catastrophic results with many children going on to display symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Some children will require a lifetime of support, with many needing medication to lead a relatively normal life.

Poems of Childhood Pain talks about ways of healing from sexual abuse, it talks about finding and nurturing the broken part, and the importance of re-integrating it within. Although this little book only contains eight poems, they are impactful poems which some may find distressing.

Dr Amariyo comes from a background of counselling and psychotherapy whilst using other healing techniques to bring about healing and change; she has a PhD in Alternative Medicine.



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This was a challenging book to read as the poems explore the almost taboo subject of child sexual abuse. Its resonation is real and raw. The author does not hide the truth or the impact it has on the abused. The poems are powerful, evocative yet compassionate and so very compelling in their truth and honesty. Susan Marcantonio

There is no denying that these poems are true accounts of abuse, and they go straight to your heart. I am not gonna lie, it was hard to read and speak out loud, pretty much like anything to do with abuse is! But I do hope that this book helps bring more awareness to what is happening around us and gives courage to those who haven’t yet found their voice. You are not alone. Claire Ellery


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