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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Introduction to Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is an ancient art. It is a system of healing that uses energy to bring health and well-being to all levels of the individual. Healing energy can be described as bioelectromagnetic. Bioelectromagnetism is the study of the interaction between biological entities such as humans, and electromagnetic fields such as the one that surrounds our body – our auric field.

Healing energy can be broken down into three types of energy; personal energy generated by the body, also known as Chi or Ki, psychic energy which uses the power of the mind to direct and concentrate energy through thought and lastly, a higher spiritual energy, where you are working with God, the Divine, Spirit, directly. Here you are going beyond your own personal power and tapping into the power of the universe.

Everything is composed of energy and has an energy field around it. Plants, animals, even trees have an energy field around them. This energy field, although invisible to the naked untrained eye, extends outward from the object and is called the aura or auric field; it is dense closest to the body and becomes less dense the further away it is. The auric field is said to have several levels which could be compared to the structure of the earth.

With practice, this energy field can be felt from one to three feet or more, it stretches outwards from the physical body and depending upon a person’s energy level and level of spiritual development, the aura can extend outwards over many feet. The energy field of a great expert or teacher would extend much further than one who is just starting out on a spiritual journey. Holy people such as saints and other spiritual leaders are often presented with a bright glow around their body, especially their head, the glow around the head we often call a halo. This glow or light around the body, perfectly depicts a well-developed energy field or aura.

The aura can be detected in several ways, including thermography, aura readings, Kirlian photography, and dowsing. Each of these methods of detection confirm the existence of an aura around the body. Thermography is a procedure that creates an exaggerated colour image by measuring the subtle heat patterns around the body. A healthy body emits a specific pattern. When a person is ill or diseased, distortions and discolourations in the pattern can be detected. These colour differences are said to give clues to the degree and location of an illness such as cancer, long before it can be detected in the physical body by other diagnostic methods.

Kirlian photography generates a specific type of photograph which helps capture distinct energy fields on film. This process is said to be able to pick up the image of a limb that has recently been amputated.

Dowsing rods can also be used to sense the auric field around the body and can also detect subtle shifts in someone’s energy field as their thinking changes. Positivity expands the aura whilst negative whether of thoughts or illness diminishes it.

Aura readings can also be done by those with psychic or intuitive sight. By reading breaks, distortions and discolourations in the energy field, some psychics are said to be able to detect and predict what type of illness will develop, how soon it will occur and even estimate what its severity will be. How much of this occurs in response to being told that you have an illness I do not know; but there is evidence to suggest that if you tell someone they are ill or dying and they totally believe it, their constant thinking, worrying, and speaking about it may very well help bring it to pass.

The aura can develop tears and can collect stagnant energy, so it is advisable to periodically have your aura cleansed and repaired. This is especially important after a person has experienced a trauma, whether that be from surgery or from an accident. An aura cleanse will help to repair any breaks or tears which could otherwise, create energy disruptions and imbalances.

We can strengthen our body and energy field through meditation, prayer, affirmations, good diet, fresh air, and exercise. You can seek out a reputable healer to cleanse your aura, but you can also cleanse your own auric field by taking a hot bath with a cup of Epsom salts added to the bath water. This helps to neutralize any negative energy and to balance the energy field; however, you do not have to take a bath, you can take a shower and visualize the water washing off any negativity. The negative energized water can be visualized going deep into the earth to be cleansed.

If you want to give spiritual healing to yourself or another you will need to activate your hands. You activate your hands to create an energy circle, this is done by opening a minor chakra which is found in the middle of each palm. When open, it allows healing energy to flow either into or out of the palm. These energy centres can be used to receive energy or send energy.

The left hand is for either receiving positive energy from the universe or drawing negative energy out of a person, the use of the left hand can change during a healing session. The right hand is for sending and directing energy.

Quite often, your hands will activate themselves naturally as you get ready and prepared to heal. You can rub your hands together or clap your hands to activate the energy, in time, you will develop your own approach to activating the flow. Be open and let the universe guide you, you may be shown more than one way to activate your hands, go with what feels right deep inside.

You can practice creating an energy circle with other people, you can practice it as a group, or it can also be accomplished with one other person. You do not need to be experienced to practice this, you just need to be willing and open. It starts by each person activating their own hands, or energy; then the left hand is held palm up to receive energy and the right hand is held palm down, directly above the next persons left hand, but not touching it. If you are practising with one person you can sit in front of each other, if you are practising with several people, you can form a circle.

Take it in turns moving your hands up and down a few inches to try and sense the energy between the hands, sometimes this is easier with the eyes closed as it cuts out all the distractions.

To create a continuous energy circuit all participants must send out energy from the right hand and receive energy through the left hand. To intensify the energy, have everyone visualize the energy moving.

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