Poems for Christians


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Poems for Christians


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Poems for Christians – is heartfelt poetry aimed at those who believe in Christ, or at least a God. Poems for Christians has been written not just to offer support upon your Christian path, but it is also written to encourage us all to think about how we live our life and Christian walk.

God means many things to many people, and even as Christians we can think very differently to one-another; but know matter what we believe or which church we belong to, one thing that we all share is the choice to change our own life, the choice to change how we think, feel, act and speak. Poems for Christians offers 50 poems of hope, love and compassion with insight for change; it reminds us that:

“We Are All Sanctified By and Through Christ when We Live a Sanctified Life” – Kenzo



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Never thought I would like the book because I’m not a Christian in the true sense of the word, however I have to say I found I could still relate to it in my own way. I love that all the poems rhyme, I don’t like poetry that doesn’t rhyme so I would recommend the book. It would make a nice gift. Kelly Peters

Dear Kenzo, I really love your new book, it has been inspiring and will help me on my journey. Some of the poems have helped me with forgiveness, they made me realise it was only me I was hurting, so thanks for that. My daughter has also found them helpful. J.M.

Your latest work was found to be an immersive and illuminating collection of poetry that is surely to resonate with the target religious audience. I am keen to comment on the ambitious scope of the work and I am impressed by your ability to convey such a range of emotions in your writing. Each poem is unique and well written and it is felt the collection will have a place in the market – A.M.


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