Change isn’t always easy, some love it, some hate it and some just live with it. For me, change is a natural and progressive part of life. No matter where we look, we can find change, even the weather constantly changes. 

Babies start to change from the second they are born and even before that, they are constantly changing whilst in the womb. Babies grow or change into children, children change into teenagers and later they change into adults. We change our jobs, our homes, our friends our possessions, within every area of our lives we can see and expect change. Leaves change their colour, some trees drop their leaves, flowers drop their blossoms and snakes shed their skins, so no matter where we look we will find the art of change transpiring before our very eyes.

Change is a natural part of evolution, without change, we cannot expect growth, expansion, wisdom, or even new life. It doesn’t matter what level we look at, change, transformation, or evolution is always moving, always happening it is just that sometimes we don’t take much notice of it, often we take for granted the small and sometimes not so small changes that happen right here, in front of us. Every single day the day turns into night and the night turns back again into day and these things happen without us questioning it, it is just accepted as a natural part of life.

Everything transforms into something else, there is always a process of evolving, always a maturing and growing, from birth to death, from young to old, from immaturity to maturity, from naivety to wisdom. No matter what level we look at we will see that all life is flowing with change.

Change is such a natural process, yet many of us resist it, even the idea of it, we pull and push, we fight and wrestle with the thought of change. Why is that? Ask yourself this, ‘do I resist change?’ If you do, take a few moments to think and feel why you resist such a natural part of life, that thing we call change.

If we look back over history, we will see that change comes to us all in one way or another, even the great teachers of wisdom experienced change, many I am sure experienced significant change. Not all of it we would consider good change and on some levels, perhaps those who endured those changes also felt certain events were not good changes. I am sure Jesus wasn’t looking forward to the change he was faced with after carrying his cross!

Even though certain events or experiences may appear as either negative or even un-necessary, they may be necessary. Life is not a respecter of persons, the great life force that fills all living things, expresses itself through us all equally, it is events, circumstances and experiences that colours each and every one of our lives. It is those same experiences, those same events that shape and mould us into being. What some may consider painful and un-necessary, others may take in their stride, we are all different, and we all react or respond to life differently.

No matter how hard or easy our lives are, change will always cross our paths, the secret to successful change is simply this, flow with change like water flowing down a river. It courses and runs freely when-ever it can and when it comes against a rock or something else in its path, is simply flows over the obstacle or moves around it. Just like water, we too need to keep moving forward, we need to keep changing, keep developing, when water stops moving it becomes stagnant and just like stagnant water, we too will become stagnant if we fail to continue on our journey of life which is about change, evolving, developing.

Stagnant water is not good for anyone, stagnant water does not flow freely and it does not bring or give life. The same with us, if we are stagnant we do not bring life, give life or even enjoy life. Life is for living and in order to fully embrace life and fully live our life we must be open to change. Change enlarges us, it enlarges our capacity for understanding and it enlarges our capacity for love, empathy and acceptance.

The river of life flows freely, it brings refreshment where ever it flows and we need to be like that, like that same river of life. We need to be so full of life that others see it and desire it; we need to be so full of life that others are drawn to us because they can see and feel that the river of life runs freely through us, changing our way of being.

For me, change is a natural part of life, if we don’t become so bogged down with every-day life, with daily living and we keep ourselves free and open to change, open to new experiences, open to embracing life, we will surely experience life and life more abundantly.

So often we fear change, we fear the unknown, we fear the uncertainty that change can bring, we fear the idea of what may-be, could be, will be. When we live our lives from a fear based perspective, we cripple our own opportunities, we restrict the flow of life giving waters that could come our way and we create boulders in the river, anything to stop the flow, to stop the change, the opportunity, all because of fear.

I wonder….. if our life as we know it was really a life in a womb and any time soon, we were to be told we were going to be born into a different life; how many of us would do all we could to prevent being born, prevent meeting the uncertainty, or prevent the change? I suspect many of us would fight the change whether unconsciously or consciously with all our might!

Many of us fear change because we have rooted our trust in ourselves, in our achievements, our possessions, our work, our own efforts etc, we have failed to root our trust in the Divine, in something so much bigger than us. We fail to trust the very source that created us in the first place, how sad! We have seemingly forgotten from what and where we came from!

One thing I have learnt over and over again in my walk is that Spirit, the Divine Essence, God, NEVER lets me down. There have been many occasions when I have felt the winds of change blow gently against my cheek and have wondered ‘what are you doing Divine Essence’? But I have gone with the changes anyway, KNOWING not hoping, but knowing deep within that what was about to come, would be good for me, no matter how much emotional pain it may  have brought, I learnt to trust the process, I learnt to trust the Divine Essence and I encourage you all to do the same. It may not happen overnight but it will happen.

Change is a wonderful opportunity to permit the Divine Essence to bring un-for-told beauty into our lives, into your life. We may not always like the changes, but there will always be something that we can take from it, a lesson, growth, there will always be something that will enlarge us or enlarge our capacity for change.

Change is what created this beautiful world and I encourage you all today to put away your fear just for today and permit the Divine Essence to flow unobstructed through every area of your life, through every area of your being, your mind, your spirit, your soul and let the winds of change flow gently and sweetly across your life bringing you true gifts that are heaven sent.

I have seen many people embrace life and many people sit and wait for life to come to them. Life doesn’t come to them that wait, life comes to them that reach out, reach out of their comfort zones to embrace life. When you embrace life, you embrace the Divine, you embrace trust and you embrace the essence of the world. You embrace all that you are created from.

If you struggle with change, I encourage you today, to let go of your fear, let go of being in full control and permit life to sit in the driver seat for awhile. Permit the winds of change to blow softly against your cheek, permit the rivers of life to flow through you. Today is a new day, it doesn’t matter if you have lived your entire life fearing change, today is a new day, let this day be your day where you permit the Divine the opportunity to bring change into your life.


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo