Darkness Fills My Heart

My baby went back home today,
My heart is torn in two.
I know he’s gone home to the Lord,
And there’s nothing I can do.

I wouldn’t wish this deep dark pain,
To strike another’s heart.
But what I’d give to have him back,
And to never, ever part.

But hopes and dreams remain just that,
So there’s no more point in dreaming.
But I can’t cope with all this pain,
I truly feel like screaming.

I know the Lord, He has a plan,
But why my baby boy?
I’m now just left in tatters,
Sleeping with a toy.

Nothing can mend this canyon,
That I can feel inside.
Nor fix this broken heart of mine,
I truly want to die.

I don’t want food nor water,
I just want my baby boy.
He was my life and love,
He brought me so much joy.

The only hope I have right now,
Is that he’s in good hands.
And that one day not far away,
I’ll follow him to that land.

A land where peace flows freely,
Like a stream from far away.
Where all my pain and sorrows,
Will make room for love to stay.


From: Love, Loss, Life, Laughter