Don’t Fool with God

Don’t fool with God,
He’s not your brother.
He’s not your sister,
Significant other.

He knows your heart,
He sees your sin.
You need forgiveness,
So let Him in.

We’ve all fallen short,
We’ve all needed grace.
It seems to be,
The human race.

We’ve all lost touch,
Of our God Divine.
We take things for granted,
What’s yours is mine.

We search in the world,
For Heavenly love.
Not realizing,
That it comes from above.

It comes from a source,
We cannot see.
A loving Father,
He wants to be.

Don’t fool with God,
It’s not very smart.
He’s looking within,
At your very heart.

He sees every breath,
Whether in or out.
He knows if you love Him,
Of that there’s no doubt.

He’s looking for people,
Whose love is true.
Those are the ones,
Who will make it through.

Those are the ones,
Who will sit at His throne.
Singing, dancing,
Praying prone.

Don’t fool with God,
He’s beginning and end.
Open your heart,
And His love He will send.


From: Poems for Christians