Eye Ulcers Healed


Ruth was in her late twenties, she had visited Sri-Lanka 6 years prior to her coming to see me; she had volunteered to work out there for 8 months with a centre that helped street kids. Whilst over there Ruth picked up the Herpes virus.

The virus came up in her eye and glands, leaving her with scarring to the cornea, ulcers in the eye and nerve damage, all of which had caused the loss of most of her sight in that eye. After unsuccessful treatment, she was offered a Cornea transplant or 6 – 12 months of anti-vial’s which she was told could cause kidney damage.

Needless to say; Ruth did not consider these to be viable options, there were too many risks involved, so I offered her some remote healing. I planned to use Shamanic techniques along with remote acupuncture. After four sessions Ruth was due to go back for a hospital check up. This is part of what she text me after the check-up:


“……I went for my check up….3 out of 4 ulcers in my eye have gone. Thank you; and the scar over my cornea has reduced in size so thank you again. ……..All I can say is a whole hearted, amazing thank you…..I just can’t believe it.”


Ruth continued to receive remote healing from me, the plan being to remove the other ulcer and the cornea scaring. At her next hospital appointment, she text me again to let me know that the other ulcer had gone, the scarring was dramatically reduced and that she had regained most of her vision back. Her consultant couldn’t explain why or how it had healed, she didn’t tell him that she was receiving remote healing. She left with a huge smile on her face knowing that the consultant was completely baffled at the sudden reversal of her condition.

I continued to work with Ruth for a few more sessions just to make sure everything had been dealt with and once I felt all was well, I discontinued the healing process.

Remote healing really does work, it just needs to be done correctly and by a suitably qualified person.


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo