Grow Your Divine Attachment


Earthly attachments hold us bound in love
The only attachment needs to be to the Divine above
Who also lives within us each day
And shines through us when allowed to stay.


The attachment flows from Heaven to Earth
A cylindrical vortex created at birth
We live and dance the God we love
Truly married to the force from above.


Connected as energy plugged into the source
An unfathomable Divine but part of the course
When we are truly attached and deeply in love
We need no other but the source from above.


The source from above meets all our needs
Not necessarily our wants or even our greed
But fulfils spiritual longing and gives us much more
And is there when its good and when we weep on the floor.


Our physical connections merely colour our life
Our friends, family, husbands and wife’s
They help us to grow and evolve every day
But don’t get attached for you will give power away.


Stand strong on your own as part of the whole
Don’t hold back, fulfil your designated roll
Don’t focus on horizontals, they are second not first
For God you must hunger, hunger and thirst.


And then you will see and feel God within
And finally the fight with your flesh you will win
For life is about learning, becoming Divine
Where spiritual waters will taste like sweet wine.