In the Beginning

In the beginning God said let there be light and there was light – light was created, light was the desire spoken out and it manifested through a natural law as light.

Jesus said be healed and they were healed – healing was created, healing was the desire spoken out and it manifested through a natural law as healing.

Yet neither God nor Jesus went to a Healing School, or Creation School; neither God or Jesus used rattles, drums, crystals, feathers, reiki signs, stones, mantras etc; yet that which they spoke out, they spoke out into existence, it became form, it manifested through a natural law just as the seed which is planted in good ground manifests through a natural law, a law which has it grow into, manifest into that which was desired.

So, if God and Jesus did not need any healing or creation tools, neither do we, the difference is the level of understanding and comprehension for who we really are as Spiritually Divine beings.

Unfortunately, due to our upbringing, society, fears, doubt, unbelief etc; in other words, due to our Shadow Side – we come short of working like God and Jesus did. To help to counteract our lack, we use tools and other methods which we often deceive ourselves into thinking that those same tools make us a better person, healer, creator etc.

On a positive note, once we are aware of why we use such tools, we can free ourselves from the deception and really start to embrace the Extreme Unction within. This does not negate such tools, or their use, but it does highlight the fact that those of us who create and heal with tools fall short of the calling that we have on our lives. Tools are a means to an end; we use the tools to help us to do the work until we can do the work without the tools.

What moves us on from a healer with tools to a healer that simply uses the Extreme Unction within, is enlightenment. The veil is finally lifted, and we finally realize who we were born in the image of. When we are physically orientated, we naturally reach for physical tools, they feed our senses of touch, smell, hearing, seeing and sometimes tasting. They satisfy our physical senses and sometimes help us to open to our spiritual senses.

When we can embrace our Spiritual Self more than our physical self, we can then change how we work, how we heal, how we create and manifest our desires. But this Spiritual Self is not the self as we perhaps know it, it is the whole-self, the healed self, the God-Self. It is through amalgamating the God-Self with our self, that we are better able to act as God or Jesus would have.

Extreme Unction:

Jung believed that we have an unconscious that is divided, part personal or individual unconscious and part collective unconscious, Freud on the other hand did not believe that, at least not in the beginning, he believed there was a collective consciousness.

Collective Consciousness – Individual Consciousness – Individual Unconsciousness – Collective Unconsciousness as the two collectives meet, they embrace and reflect a full Conscious Being, they reflect a Collective Consciousness and Collective Unconscious, so not only do we have our own personal Consciousness and Unconsciousness but we also have the Collective Consciousness and Unconsciousness which of course belongs to all, it is the Universal Mind of ALL existence; it is the God Mind, the Divine Mind, the piece of God that we are all able to tap into.

The Collective Psyche is the Spiritual Sea of all knowing, which washes gently upon our shores, coming and going waiting for us to recognize its source and plunge head-long into the ocean of all-knowing.

Jung believed that the Collective Unconscious was what permitted us to receive knowledge and understanding from stories, myths, symbols of which we had never encountered. Jung believed that it was in this same Collective Unconscious that we could learn about our shadow side and heal.

We all come into the world as whole, and learn to become fractionated beings, but unfortunately, it is often the spiritual side that is usually fractionated leaving us without a sense of reality and tricked into thinking that our being is encompassed in the physical body.

We lose touch with our Spiritual being, our Spiritual side as we grow, as we are slowly starved to death of Spiritual nourishment. As adults or parents, we hold on to some spiritual practices without knowing their true meaning, for example; most babies are given a rattle, to have and to hold, to shake and to suck yet very few parents or carers realize that this is an ancient tradition, a tradition that has been around for thousands of years, a tradition of giving babies a rattle, so that whilst their parents or carer is out of sight, the baby can shake it themselves in order to break up negative energy around themselves; that is why some babies are very gentle with rattles and others are very fierce. When they throw the rattle to the ground, they are recognizing on a spiritual level negative or dense areas of energy and working to break up that same energy.

We assume babies are ignorant on arrival into our intellectual world, and in some respects, they are. But do not forget they have just come from the Spiritual world and probably know a whole lot more than we now know on spiritual matters. What separates us from them is their lack of ability to explain to us, or perhaps it is that we are so spiritually dense, that what separates us from them is OUR lack of ability to see the signs, the symbols, the unspoken messages that they are trying to teach us, remind us.

Yom Kippur (the day of atonement) is about remembering the sanctity of our body, our soul, our spirit, it is about bringing back the balance, the infinity sign which represents balance and harmony. Yom Kippur is focused on healing yourself first, for we cannot guide a traveller on a road we haven’t travelled. One thing I tell everyone whom I teach is this: that our healing practice can only be as good as we are, not because God/Divine Unction cannot work passed our shortcomings, but because the healing can only be as clean as the vessel it flows through. Do we normally pour our water into a dirty glass? or do we normally wash the glass first?

So many healers are out there today working to bring healing to others whilst their own vessel, their own alter, their own temple lays in ruin, defiled through sin and corruption. Sin being anything that does not reflect the wholeness of Divine Unction.

I encourage you all to reconnect with that Divine or Extreme Unction, so each day can be as it was in the beginning; a creative flow of harmonious energy flowing freely to create a balanced, peaceful world.

Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo