Letting go is not always an easy process but it is a necessary process that can and does happen on many levels.

There comes a point in each of our lives where we will be faced with death, it may be someone we know, someone very close or even our own death, our own dying process. Depending on what we believe, this could be a time to rejoice or a time to grieve.

Either way, those left behind will undoubtedly go through a grieving process. They will be saddened by the loss of their loved one, and no matter how much they believe in a ‘positive’ after-life, they will feel some emotion.

When a person has had closure with their physical existence, their transition through the domains beyond death is said to be much more effortless. Through recapitulation and forgiveness we can complete our life so that forgiveness of events that have happened or the wrongs of others, no longer need to be dealt with during our life review on the other side.

Recapitulation and forgiveness is part and parcel of letting go, we do not have to wait until we are dying in order to commence this process but sadly, many do. We can all take ourselves through this process at any time of life, and some choose to go through it several times throughout their life in order to ensure they are not holding onto any un-forgiveness or negativity whether that is to others or to themselves.

As part of that same process it is also important that we voice such forgiveness in order to assist in the letting go, voicing such words of love and comfort to those we need to forgive or even to ourselves can be very healing. Atonement is essential for us all so that each one of us can pass over in peace when our time arrives. Just speaking the words ‘I love you’ or ‘I’m sorry’, or even ‘I forgive you’ can be very healing.

Recapitulation offers each one of us the opportunity to remember or even share our life story, or at least a summary of it, which can be both cathartic and healing. Although sharing our life story can be beneficial, it may not be something that we all decide to do, and some of us may want help remembering it, some of us may need to ask other family members about their life, or about certain people that were in their life when they were young.

It is from talking about our life that we may then start to think about whom we need to forgive which may also include our-self, and we need to feel we can forgive our-self for any wrongs that we have done in life no matter how severe they were and know that life itself forgives us.

Recapitulation and forgiveness is about closure, it is about letting go, in preparation for the next leg of our journey, if you are helping someone else to go through recapitulation and forgiveness please remember, old wounds do not necessarily need re-opening, especially if they are close to death. The individual should not have to feel that they have to explain why they did this or that, this is not the time for explanations of actions, it is a time of making peace with themselves and others.

As part of letting go, we sometimes need permission to die, when we are aware that we are going to die, quite often we can spend much of our remaining time on this earth worrying about those who will be left behind, about money issues, family, children, pets etc. It is at such time that we need the reassurance that it is alright for us to go and that everyone who is left behind will be fine. Sometimes people can hang on for weeks and months, even years, suffering but not wanting to leave the physical plane because of those left behind. Immediate family may need to actually speak out that permission and let the individual know that it is alright for them to let go.

Death and dying is not an easy subject, YET it happens to every single one of us at some point in our life. Oddly enough, we don’t remember ever having such anxieties about being born, which is coming into the unknown, YET, so many of us have anxieties about dying, about going into the unknown. The only two things you can guarantee in life is that you have to be born to enter life and your body has to die in order to leave this life. Not life, but this life as we know it.

No matter what your belief is or the belief of a loved one, deaths are a significant life event; they are as significant as births. Death marks the ending of a life as we perceive it; it marks the loss of a loved one, it marks a personal Rite of Passage.

I like to view death as a natural Rite of Passage, a natural part of Life’s Tapestry. We all live our lives accordingly, creating threads of life that are carefully woven into a ’Tapestry of Life’ that same Tapestry acts as a memoir for all who are left behind.

Letting go of a loved one is never easy, it doesn’t matter how Spiritual you are, it is like saying goodbye to someone who is moving away, knowing that you will never see them again, or at-least in their physical body, in this life time. The only difference that being Spiritual about death can make is in the grieving process, the length of time it takes to recover from the loss, and whether you do in fact see it as a loss or as a time to celebrate.

When we lose someone, it often turns our thoughts and feelings inward, pointing us in the right direction to look at our own lives, our own souls and our own salvation.

You may be here today, and you too may need to let go, that letting go may be of a loved one, of un-forgiveness, anger, it matters not. Letting go is part of healing, allowing both you and the person it relates to, to be able to move forward which reminds us of the last message about ‘Moving Forward Through Forgiveness’.

Life is too short to carry such things in our Spirit; it weighs too much to keep carrying it around in our hearts when we could release it to Divine Light to be transformed. We don’t know how long we have on the earth, so it makes sense to continually renew our strength through release, through Letting Go.

At some point in all of our lives we have to take a step back and look, look at all we have done, look at all those that we need to release or let go of whether that is through death or forgiveness. We need to love and honour one-another enough to forgive each one our trespasses in order to find our own inner peace.

When I originally wrote this message I had someone specific in mind and you too may have someone specific in mind that you need to let go of. That one specific person I had in mind passed over the week I originally wrote this and his return home to Spirit left much loss to many who knew him.

To you all, I offer my sincere condolences for all the losses in your life and would ask that you would all take 2 minutes out of your time to spend in silence in respect of all those that have passed over all around the world.

My parting words are these:

Remember This Indian Proverb:

There is NO death……..ONLY……a change of Worlds!


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo