More Than What You See

Clouds slowly danced across the November sky,
Splashes of blue painted the picture bright.
The wind was sleeping giving all a rest,
The rain had stopped, I’m feeling blest.

I wandered into the forest deep,
Where there I found someone asleep.
I tried to quietly go on by,
But the leaves were crisp and noisily dry.

I passed on by and saw old lady May,
The town witch, or so the town people say.
She looked quite old as she sat right up,
And helped herself from a flask pouring tea in a cup.

She called me over, I went with dismay,
I wanted to hear what she had to say.
She said “Don’t believe everything you’ve heard,
I’m not a witch that is absurd.

But what I do is heal deep grief,
Through my prayers I bring great relief.
I make their life a better place,”
I could see compassion in her face.

And from that day I changed the story,
To May, I brought much more glory.
For all she did was good and pure,
And I always welcome her at my door.


From: Love, Loss, Life, Laughter