My Christmas Poem

No Christmas tree, No Christmas tree,
No fairy lights or balls.
No gifts to self, no packages,
No trips to market stalls.

No discontent, no arguments,
No tears or loneliness.
Much joy and inner peace I have,
All without the stress.

I join with those who have not much,
If anything at all.
In solidarity I stand,
Fulfilling the inner call.

For Christmas isn’t for getting,
But giving what you can.
To all those individuals,
The poor, that lonely man.

For Christmas is a birthday,
I hope you did remember.
The best present to give,
Is when you do surrender.

Don’t worry about the trimmings,
Dead Turkey on your plate.
Don’t worry about the wine,
And staying up so late.

Remember though this birthday,
And don’t forget compassion.
The wine of forgiveness,
Of these there is no ration.

Celebrate with love,
With hope and spiritual bread.
For the Lord is still living,
He’s certainly not dead.

Celebrate with gratitude,
And you’ll never, ever be bored.
And remember that this season,
Is just about the Lord.


From: Love, Loss, Life, Laughter