Soul Retrieval


Lilly is a lovely young girl, very bright and reflects a happy balanced girl getting ready to enter her teens. Yet despite what shows on the outside, within is a vastly different story.

Lilly was involved in a tragic accident several years earlier and although she had received much psychological support to help her come to terms with it and work through it, it had still left an imprint in her Luminous Energy Field.  Quite often, when tragic or traumatic events occur in our lives, a part of us can flee. It is these parts that need to be recovered or retrieved, healed and re-integrated into the person.

Post-Traumatic Stress was still very evident in Lilly, the anxiety, the tears, the original wounding so easily showed itself. It was time for Lilly to find the lost part of herself.

As Lilly was so young, I decided to use a Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) monitor, the monitor measures activity via sending out minute electrical impulses into your fingers (which are not detectable to the individual), which react with the minute changes in perspiration related to stress and anxiety. By using the GSR monitor, I was able to measure and direct the healing in correspondence with Lilly’s anxiety levels to affect a more comprehensive healing.

As Lilly was so young, I was aware that she would have limited experience at defining how she was feeling or what she was experiencing on a Spiritual level, so through using the GSR monitor, I was able to perform a healing session that was not only successful, but also required less participation from Lilly.

Soul Retrieval is often orchestrated by the Shaman, but I believe that people need to be more involved and part of their own healing process. I feel they need to experience the journey, in this case the journey of going and claiming back parts of themselves. If performed with extreme caution, this does not pose a threat to the individual.

It is alright telling someone that you have retrieved a lost part of their soul, but if they have not experienced it, have not felt it, then the healing is purely based on what you have told them; and when the next wind blows doubt, they will start to wonder whether you really did bring back a lost part, whether they truly are healed. People need to experience healing; not just be told they are healed.

I guided and accompanied Lilly on her deep decent into the lower world where she needed to go to find the lost part. Although her decent into the lower world was relatively easy, it took quite a while before Lilly was ready to meet that part of her as it also meant she would re-live momentarily, what that part was feeling at the time, including fear, anxiety, and trauma.

We spent much time preparing Lilly for this meeting and waited until her anxiety levels had reached a certain low, which was then reflected on the GSR monitor. Spirit had already instructed me as to what level would be safe and productive to introduce her to her lost part. Had I introduced her too early, she was at risk of re-living all the trauma without receiving the healing; NOT what we wanted!

With guidance, Lilly eventually met her lost part, I stood beside her all the way to ensure she was safe, she spent quite a while assisting that part to heal and building a relationship with it. It needed to feel safe to agree to return with her, if it did not, it may not have come back with her, or could have come back and then split off again at any time.

It did feel safe, and although it was very apprehensive, we were able to get that part back and re-introduce it into Lilly. Once back, it became a very integral part of Lilly which she was going to need to look after and nurture for it to complete its healing and become a fully integrated part of Lilly once again.

Many people are in need of soul retrieval, but it takes courage and an experienced Shaman.

Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo