The Adam, Christ Connection

So often, we have our favourite passages from the Bible or other spiritual texts, and often we have our preference for either the Old or New Testament. But if we look deep enough, we will see that they are inter-related, inter-woven on many levels, they both give us the same message we just need to be open and listen.

If we look at Adam and Christ from a some-what existential perspective, we can start to see the correlations between life and death, heaven and hell, light and dark, good and bad. When we look through the the aperture of existentialism we can see the deeper meaning of the word.

In the beginning, in Genesis, Adam (the male) was created from the Earth, the Earth representing the world. Eve (the female) was created from Adam. Through Adam being an earthly or worldly creation, his weakness or inability to resist temptation is what caused the fall. He wasn’t made of the right stuff.

Eve, being created from an earthly – Adam, was born of his same seed, his same character, his same stuff so Eve could never have not taken the fruit; she had to take the fruit because of her worldly or earthly (Adam) inheritance; the seed, or the thing (Adam’s rib) that she was created from.

Out of worldly things come worldly things. They were doomed from the start.

Then; time pasted and it was time for Jesus to come into the world.

This time around the tables were turned, God used a woman, a woman that had been birthed not created; and instead of using her to create a man (as Adam was created and Eve was created from Adam) God used her, Mary, to BIRTH a man, Mary was used as the ovulum of life. Mary was the plant part of the ovulum or ovule, the part which contains the embryo sac and hence the female germ cell, which after fertilisation develops into a seed, a small egg.


Meaning of Ovulum or Ovule:

  • A rudimentary seed

  • The plant part that contains the embryo sac and hence the female germ cell, which after fertilisation develops into a seed

  • A small egg


Mary was not created from the Earth, she was birthed, Jesus was not created from the Earth he was birthed. Mary being portrayed as a virgin, portrayed purity of the highest, she portrayed chastity, physical and sensual, (meaning the physical senses) control, obedience, the purified heart and mind, she portrayed the spotless image, the female aspect of God.

Out of Godliness, came Godliness, in this case Jesus.

Because Mary was pure, she was the covering of Jesus to be pure. Had Jesus been born of another woman without the same qualities, He would not have been born under the same covering, he would not have been born with the same stuff and would have not been the Jesus we read about. Jesus HAD to come from a pure vessel in order to be pure.

The fact that Jesus walked the earth, represents to us, and reminds us, that we too, as humans will walk the earth but that we will also need to guard ourselves so that we do not fall short and become as if we were created from the earth, (reflections of Adam and Eve).

Adam and Eve’s fall from grace was not because of Eve giving Adam the fruit, nor because of Adam eating the fruit, it goes further back than that, Adam and Eve’s fall from grace comes from being created from the Earth (world). The serpent, which was the cause of temptation represents the world and all its attractions, all its temptations, the crushing of the serpents head is talking about overcoming the world, the temptations, the attractions in order to re-establish yourself in the Garden of Eden so to speak.

Adam and Eve were created in Heaven, they had all they wanted, but even the Heaven that they lived within was not enough to sustain them. A clear message that spirituality or religion, your own inner Heaven is NOT enough to sustain you if you are living in a created (earthly), non spiritual existence. You cannot live as Adam and Eve and hope to survive, you have to be different to Adam and Eve, they showed you one side of the coin.

Out of Godliness comes Godliness, out of defilement, comes defilement. Bad trees do not bear good fruit, good trees do not bear bad fruit (unless there are other factors at play).

God loved Adam even though God knew he had created an inferior fruit or tree, Adam was, in essence a bad fruit, he was placed in a spiritual land filled with all that he needed but still failed to follow God because of his weak spirit. But Adam was NOT a mistake, for it is through Adam and Eve and the fall, that we can see and understand the message that God has; which is that when we are of the earth, the worldly aspect of earth, we are weak and will not produce good fruits or not much good fruits as we will be constantly distracted and tempted my worldly things. Where-as Mary teaches us that when we are born into spiritual things, we bare good fruit.

Adam and Eve show us that we have to be BIRTHED, in order to serve God successfully, that as we actively leave the worldly aspects of earth, we naturally become born of the spiritual aspects of God.

So Mary shows us that when we leave our worldly life, we will in time become more God-like, and out of Godliness comes Godliness.

Our salvation is not so much about inviting Christ into our lives, but more about being Christ in our lives, it is about action not speech. You can ask Christ into your life every day until you die, but you will not have sanctified your life no more than before you asked Christ into your life, for Christ in your life is NOT a magic phrase that you recite – Let Christ be in my life – in Jesus name whilst continuing on with your normal worldly experience, but rather a realisation that all things of the world, will not prosper your spirit. Your spirit requires a complete turn around, in order to move from a self-created worldly life to a spirit-birthed life.

The duality of existence is life and death, the duality of the world could be seen as the Heaven and Earth, Light and Dark, Good and Bad. The duality of our being is the Spiritual and Worldly.

In any continuum, we stand at one end or another, once we realise the continuum that we are on, we are then free to choose at which end we wish to walk towards. It could be said that the balance would be in the middle, but the reality is, there is no middle, for the closer you get to one end, the further you see along that path of continuum and then when you stop and look you see that you are faced not with the end in sight, but with a continuum of continuum.

It is not in our knowledge of the Bible that God shines through us, for even a parrot can quote scripture, but in our actions, our devotions, our inner life, the life that we lead behind closed doors where others don’t necessarily see; that is where God shines through, and like the light of the candle it cannot help but to bring light where-ever it goes. The candle doesn’t try to bring light, it is just a natural result of its nature.

Even where there is light, the light of the candle shines, it is only in places that shine as brightly as the light from the candle, that you do not see the candle light, but in the darkest places it shines the brightest. Not because it has changed, but because it is needed the most.

When we live a life birthed in God, we naturally shine, we bring warmth, love, without meaning to, for the outer becomes a natural expression of the inner.


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo